Rep. Grayson Asks Holder to Prosecute On-Line Critic at “”

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) has written Attorney General Eric Holder to ask that he investigate and prosecute Republican activist Angie Langley for her website “” In his letter below, he claims that Langley has misrepresented the purpose of the site in raising funds against him.

The site itself certainly does appear to be solely about Grayson. It claims to be for “Floridans outraged and embarrassed by Alan Grayson’s leftist positions and childish behavior.” It does not claim to be working against any other candidates but that “MyCongressmanisNuts committee is an independent organization committed to defeating Alan Grayson in 2010.”

However, the powder might not be worth the prize here. The site boasts less than 100 donors and only $3,725 raised against him.

Grayson cites federal law with up to a five year penalty for violating election rules in the case.

In his letter, he accuses Langely of pretending to be a constituent of his district and misrepresenting the site. Conservatives have targeted Grayson for such things as telling Dick Cheney to “STFU” and calling Rush Limbaugh as a “has-been hypocrite loser” who “was more lucid when he was a drug addict.” Fox news has been flagging the site as in the segment below

While there may have been some misrepresentation in the past, I do not see the basis for criminal investigation. The site advances a political view that is protected by the first amendment. Grayson’s letter is more likely to bring attention rather than prosecution in the case.

For the letter to Holder, click here.

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22 thoughts on “Rep. Grayson Asks Holder to Prosecute On-Line Critic at “””

  1. Grayson reminds me of Louie on Taxie, he runs his mouth and says stupid things before thinking, he is crude, rude, and a fat sloppy dresser just like Louie was. This must be an act because no man in his right mind would act the way this nutcase does.It must really pain the people of Florida to have this poor excuse for a man rep them,to bad only vets give distemper shots as this is a sure case of something that has gone mad and needs to be delt with.I hear the distant sound of a UHAUL truck as it comes for Graysons seat, or then again it might be the animal control people, either way his days are numbered.

  2. Here in Australia we’ve seen something of Bachmann, Wilson, Virginia (??) Foxx, Palin (of course), and a host of other complete embarrassments for your country. We were laughing out loud at your misfortune (sorry).

    In comparison, Grayson got quite a deal of coverage and an interview on national radio. He struck me as an intellect orders of magnitude beyond the usual noisy attention seekers. You need more like him.

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