Rep. Grayson Asks Holder to Prosecute On-Line Critic at “”

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) has written Attorney General Eric Holder to ask that he investigate and prosecute Republican activist Angie Langley for her website “” In his letter below, he claims that Langley has misrepresented the purpose of the site in raising funds against him.

The site itself certainly does appear to be solely about Grayson. It claims to be for “Floridans outraged and embarrassed by Alan Grayson’s leftist positions and childish behavior.” It does not claim to be working against any other candidates but that “MyCongressmanisNuts committee is an independent organization committed to defeating Alan Grayson in 2010.”

However, the powder might not be worth the prize here. The site boasts less than 100 donors and only $3,725 raised against him.

Grayson cites federal law with up to a five year penalty for violating election rules in the case.

In his letter, he accuses Langely of pretending to be a constituent of his district and misrepresenting the site. Conservatives have targeted Grayson for such things as telling Dick Cheney to “STFU” and calling Rush Limbaugh as a “has-been hypocrite loser” who “was more lucid when he was a drug addict.” Fox news has been flagging the site as in the segment below

While there may have been some misrepresentation in the past, I do not see the basis for criminal investigation. The site advances a political view that is protected by the first amendment. Grayson’s letter is more likely to bring attention rather than prosecution in the case.

For the letter to Holder, click here.

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  1. FormerFedLeo

    Excellent comments by you at 1, December 20, 2009 at 1:17 pm.

    Thank you.

  2. lottakatz:

    I’m not a republican (was for a long time though) but I can say that the republican “plan” for health care most closely represents what our founders had in mind when they wrote the Constitution: no such power to the feds. Unlike the Democrats, whose proposal is a violation of it.

    If Grayson opposes the health care heist/usupation/despotism, that is a good thing.

  3. After he made his ‘Republican health care plan’ remarks and he was making the rounds of the talk shows one of the commentators (it seems to me I heard this exchange on Hardball) asked him if he was concerned that the other side was going to come at him, that’s how it was phrased ‘come at you’ and he smiled and said if they want to mess (and he kind of paused with the word ‘mess’ clearly bowdlerizing the statement) with me I’ll just mess with them right back. That’s what he’s doing and it’s to me, refreshing.

    I tried to find that exchange but couldn’t. It was the very last, rushed bit of conversation before the commercial.

  4. Here is the URL for the Web site in question:

    The home page in part says:” On December 16th 2009, the day on which the Sons of Liberty dumped 342 chests of tea into Boston Harbor, Central Floridians will again say no to the overreaching government intrusion propagated by Grayson. Central Floridians will drop a money bomb to show Grayson and Pelosi that an oppressive, overreaching government has not and never will be what makes America great.”

    Its sole purpose is fund raising, yet no Republican, libertarian or any political party or candidate is specified. So the question is, “where is the money going and to whom?” other than directly into the bank account of one Angie Langley.

    Ms. Langley’s Web site may certainly be protected under the First Amendment but it also has more than just a whiff of fraudulence about it.

  5. FFLEO,

    I don’t like what Grayson did either (as I said above also). But people are allowed to make mistakes. This is a mistake, it is wrong. But it’s not a mistake he can’t rectify (which he should). I don’t expect people in politics to be error free. I do expect them to make it right and that’s what I hope Grayson does.

  6. The following are quoted excerpts from the ‘Legal Satyricon’ the current leader in the blawg vote. Warning, the language at the very open First Amendment blawg is very graphic.


    “Nevertheless, are these sins that should be punished by FIVE YEARS in prison? I am sure that even Eric Holder wouldn’t take Grayson’s request seriously. Nevertheless, I can think of few acts that would disqualify someone more from holding public office in the United States of America than trying to get a citizen thrown in jail for expressing her political beliefs — even if she is being a bit dishonest about them. Christ, lets face it, if we were going to live by that standard, we would have to completely revamp our system of government, because the only competent politicians left outside the prison gates would be Ron Paul and Russ Feingold.”

    “But, anyone who behaves with such dishonor and such disdain for First Amendment principles needs to be tossed out…”\

  7. Grayson’s rhetoric is quite tame when compared to the screeching and squealing of the likes of Michelle Bachman, Joe Wilson and those claiming the health care non-reform bill will kill citizens. I fully agree with those who see Grayson as almost the sole Progressive voice willing to stand up and get in the face and under the skin of those who LOST the last election and think they’re still in charge.

  8. I think Grayson knows exactly what he’s doing … we call it going on the offensive. He’ll raise even more money ’cause Democrats love a scrapper just as much as they love a compromiser. It’s a yin/yang thing and Grayson has properly positioned himself as yin to Obama’s yang … or vice-versa.

    I love a smart scrapper … we could use some of that in the White House ’cause Ron Emanuel isn’t filling the bill.

  9. Grayson is an attorney who should know that this is protected political speech about a public figure, and that he’s dignifying and elevating it with an answer. He’s still my hero.

  10. Grayson is one of a very few people on the hill that that just comes out and says what a substantial number of voters think without layering, burying it actually, under a mountain of BS and false courtesy and there are probably millions of us that like it.

    What exactly is the Republican health care policy? ‘Die M*&^@$F&#(@!’ sums it up pretty well and Grayson ripped the lipstick off that pig with an economy of words and a couple of visual aids. Cheney? A Vampire (sucking the life-blood out of county’s heart) seemed a good analogy to me. I don’t have any problem with his ‘attacks’, when the truth becomes an attack it means that people are too comfortable with lies IMO.

    As far as calling Angie Langley regarding raising funds against him, well that just smart. He’s ginning up some publicity that will probably put money in his own coffers. Let me know when he gets caught in a airport restroom soliciting sex while mouthing the family values line for the rest of us, I might reassess my opinion of him. Until then I’m enjoying the show. I’ll even overlook that he’s an ex-prosecutor by trade.

  11. FF LEO–

    Grayson may be a pompous grandstander. Still, I think some of us appreciate the fact that he’s a Democrat who has the b&*%$ to speak out…loudly. I’m sick of Democrats kowtowing to folks like Joe Lieberman, Olympia Snowe, and others. The Democrats have the White, the Senate, and the House–and they still can’t get anything done!

  12. Good Saturday Morn’/Afternoon Jill,

    I knew that you would disagree with me regrading Grayson. I still think he is a pompous grandstanding fool to whom I cannot bare to listen.

    You and I are simply viewing him through our own bias-filtered prisms.

    “Throughout history There’ve been many songs written about the eternal triangle, This next one tells the story of a Mr Grayson…

    “Hadn’t of been for Grayson, I’d be in Tennesee…”

  13. FFLEO,

    I disagree with you on this. Grayson has been one of the few people in our govt. to stand up to the financial industry, oppose the war, and oppose the phony “health care” reform being offered to desperate people. If you watch him on youtube you will see an extremely well informed, articulate man. The left could use a little political theater and calling Rush a hypocrite is true!

  14. I think that Mr. Grayson is a loud-mouthed fool and this action lends credence to that thought.

  15. rafflaw and Alan,

    I agree. This is a real mistake. Grayson should never have touched this either as a practical or legal matter. He’s made a mistake and I hope he rectifies it immediately.

  16. The lawsuit will probably put this group “on the map” and dramatically increase their fund raising.

  17. The speech here should be protected and Holder should use his time to go after real criminals,like Bush and Cheney, et al for their torture program.

  18. Oh, the article. Either way it is protected speech and if they raise more than so much money for Federal Elections then they have to report the sums raised. I bet Holder can use his time that he is not Prosecuting Bush and Cheney to do this, No wait…. He can’t because he and his minstrel are defending them…. Man I almost blew it…..

    Didn’t Monica. I wonder if her first name was Har?

  19. Rush is no longer an Addict? Since when? I want proof and verification of this. I want the meaty details. He is a public figure in as much when did he clean up and get off of Oxy? How can we be sure he did not relapse? Are he and Tiger sharing one of the same mistresses or dealers? Come on Fox, tell us what we want to hear. I dare you. Anymore Dareheads out there?

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