Lawyers Rise Up Against Arpaio and Thomas to Fight For the Rule of Law in Arizona

While many of us have been following the de-evolution of the Arizona law system in Maricopa County recently (here), lawyers are taking to the street to protest against the assault on the rule of law by Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas and Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Hundreds of lawyers took to the street to call for an end of the embarrassing reign of Thomas who has made his office an international mockery. Thomas has joined Arpaio in charging the judge who stood up to the sheriff with three felony counts — bribery, obstructing a criminal investigation, and hindering prosecution.

While he has offered little evidence, Thomas held a press conference with Arpaio to make vague allegations of criminal acts by Judge Gary Donahoe regarding the county’s planned court tower, currently under construction. While he admitted that he has no evidence exists that the veteran judge has received personal financial benefits, Thomas insisted that Arizona has a “very broad” definition of bribery. Arpaio insists that he and county lawyers have been conspiring to block his investigation into the construction. The evidence: a series of rulings that Arpaio does not like.

The press did not seem to be buying it from Thomas, who has been criticized as a bit of a lap dog for Arpaio. Thomas finally said in frustration: “If I’m not explaining this well, I hope you’ll help me. . . In fairness,” Thomas said, after enduring increasingly pointed questions, “I admit this is a hard thing to believe.”

Previously, Thomas attacked the judge for being soft on crime, here.

Local attorneys have had enough.

Attorney Tom Ryan spoke briefly and noted that he was not a criminal defense lawyer, a Democrat, or a liberal. “I’m a native of Chandler, Arizona, a Republican, and a lifelong East Valley conservative” but said that it was time for “all concerned men and women of the Bar to come together. Andrew Thomas is a bully and a coward.”

Shawn Aiken, a partner at Aiken Schenk Hawkins & Ricciardi, described how shocked he was when watching Thomas at the press conference in which he tried to explain just why he was charging Donahoe. He noted “[t]he probable cause statement attached to that complaint reads like a letter to the editor.”

If it means anything to these lawyers, well done and keep up the struggle. The question is where is the Arizona bar association itself?

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20 thoughts on “Lawyers Rise Up Against Arpaio and Thomas to Fight For the Rule of Law in Arizona”

  1. We get to dig up Joe’s basement with a backhoe and he gets cuffed right away?

    Ahhh. One can dream. Well. Dream absent the unnecessary deaths that is.

  2. Texting used to warn of Arpaio sweeps

    An advocate for immigrant and civil rights has started using text messages to warn residents about crime sweeps by a high-profile Arizona sheriff.

    Lydia Guzman


    I can see it now. She some how or another ends up dead, in jail for conspiracy to evade law enforcement, etc.

    So since when do states have the authority to determine whether one is an immigrate or not? I thought that was one area of the US spelled out in the constitution. Not that it means much right now.

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    That goes out to all of my other friends here as well . . .

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    Happy Holidays One and All

  4. Buddha:

    Your position as director of marketing is secure. Bravo!!


    Happy Holiday to you and yours. : D

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  6. Tootie:

    “Now, if only someone would rise up against lawyers.”
    A cursory knowledge of history would have revealed to you that they have Tootie, and “they” are usually anarchists, despots, or motivated by uncorrectable ignorance. Where shall I categorize you? I think I know but confirm it for me, would you? I see you as a sort of a Dick The Butcher type, but I am willing to be corrected.

    On a happier note, AY and I are raising funds for that bus tour for you, bdman, and others of your ilk. Let me know your availability. Andromeda is only 2.5 million light years away, and the bus is leaving. All aboard!

  7. Tootie,

    Some people have been known to shoot the horse they rode before. Some have blown up the car they drove. Others have been known to sit down and figure out why they have such negative reactions to a class of people or professions. Which camp are you in? I am going to help pay for your bus pass or maybe you have had too many magic mushrooms and the school bus ride is not yet over for you. Whats your bet?

  8. The only good thing I can say about attorney Thomas is an ad hominem. His head/face are shaped like a stainless steel hospital bedpan.

  9. So what happens if this case is throw out and the actors are charged under RICO?

  10. From my perspective, the rule of law is under siege in this country. I continue to be thankful for those who are willing to take on people like Arpaio.

  11. “Thomas laughed off the rally with a quip: ‘They predicted 1,000 people would turn out, and obviously that didn’t materialize. So, I guess I’m not as big a draw as the sheriff.'”

    “Thomas has fought Superior Court judges for several years. In 2006, he took Presiding Judge Barbara Mundell to federal court in a successful bid to stop a probation program conducted in Spanish for DUI offenders.”

    What a pathetic, useless wanker.

  12. George,

    I owe you thanks for this link and what you said on my behalf, so thank you.

    As to the protest, I cannot convey my sense of admiration, respect and gratefulness that persons who could lose clients over their actions, have taken this risk to stand against injustice. People of conscience are everywhere, or every party and walk of life. This takes courage. I salute them!

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