7 thoughts on “Maru’s Moments — In Slow Motion”

  1. Awhile back, someone posted slow-motion videos of birds, bats, and insects flying. Incredible to see how wing structure and movement enable critters to fly. Wish we could! No problem with terrorists on planes if we had our own wings.

  2. Huh? I demand royalties to be paid for the unauthorized footage of my college days.

  3. I just did a posting and it didn’t show up- reposted it and got a ‘duplicate posting’ message and couldn’t post it.

  4. This is impressive. It reminds me of Jane Goodall and the forest apes. When someone pays that close attention to other animals, I feel respect for them. His camera work is very good. It shows how the cat makes her movements. There is an amazing complexity to how the cat body is structured and this video points that out. There’s a whole group of scientists who say, look at what is happening in your own house, in your own back yard. There are amazing things happening right there. This is one of them!

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