Putting the Bad Into Hyderbad: 86-Year-Old Governor Resigns After Sex Tape With Three Women

In Hyderabad, India, Narain Dutt Tiwari knows exactly how Carrie Prejean feels. A sex tape has surfaced showing Tiwari in bed with three women. The difference is that he is 86 and the governor of a southern Indian state and a leader in the Congress party. He resigned after it surfaced that he was pressing the flesh with the wrong types of constituents.

His office, however, insists that the tape is a fabrication and that he resigned for health reasons. Actually, at 86, the tape would have at least silenced any questions of failing physical strength.

A local television station said that the women were supplied by another woman who was allegedly promised a mining lease by the governor in return for sexual favors. She said that when he reneged on his promise, she sent the tape to the media.

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8 thoughts on “Putting the Bad Into Hyderbad: 86-Year-Old Governor Resigns After Sex Tape With Three Women”

  1. 86-Year-Old Governor Resigns After Sex Tape With Three Women


    86. Three women? WoW, just WoW.

  2. Athena,

    As being named for a major Greek Goddess, lay to play is appropriate. But I guess that this gives a new meaning to lay lady lay.


  3. Where do I apply? I hear that they have an opening.

    What will happen to these women in India? In the US they would now be know as Tiga Woods Mistresses. I guess he tooka 9 iron and Cheeta the Woods.

  4. Here that would get him appointed to the head of a Senate committee and a distribution deal. And how do you people think the Bob Dole got his job pitching Viagra? A celebrity testimonial. Is their any higher accomplishment in a world where seeing who can grab their ankles quick enough for their corporate masters graft dollar is a prime achievement – even a requisite – to get into office?

    India can call back when they’ve got a real corruption problem. This is simply creepy, but unless it was “votes for lovin'”, they should really get something else to complain about but I suppose the Indian government and corporate press have just as much interest in distracting their people from actual news and issues as the U.S. fascists do.


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