Chinese Student Freezes to Death After Being Forced to Stay Outside by Teacher Who Went Out Drinking

Yang Guangsheng, principal of Wujing Junior Middle School in Linqu county of Shandong province, and Wang Dongping, vice-principal, were suspended after Student Zhang Jixin, 14, was found dead after freezing to death. He was told to stand outside in the cold all night by a teacher as punishment. The teacher went out drinking and forgot about the student.

Zhang was being punished after being found trying to climb the dormitory wall. The temperature that night was -10 C .

One teacher assured the press that the student had “died comfortably” and “[h]e looked comfortable, without any pain on the face.”

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7 thoughts on “Chinese Student Freezes to Death After Being Forced to Stay Outside by Teacher Who Went Out Drinking”

  1. China is a poor third world country, around 1 billion of its population live below poverty line. With poverty comes poor education, and a non-sensical country like this.

  2. A 0 Centigrade degree of tolerance for misbehaviour. The US school administrators who suspended the girl for bringing peppermint oil must be green with envy.

  3. Mespo:

    What are you talking about? There was no pro-democracy rally in Tian’anmen Square 20 years ago.

    What history books are you reading?

  4. lottakatz:

    At Tian’anmen Square, I understand that the pro-democracy students died from the Asian flu, “[b]ut there’s still a possibility that the [rolling tanks] contributed” to their deaths.

  5. He was being punished to compensate for the other thermally challenged members of the class. Soon it will be the policy of the Berekely, er, Chinese Educational Authority to chill all students to an equal 65F°.

  6. Well when you are frozen, I guess you would have a smile on your face. Geeze.

  7. From linked article: “We tend to believe Zhang’s death was caused primarily by unknown health problems. But there’s still a possibility that the freezing contributed to his death,” police said in a statement.”

    WoW, Chinese police don’t even bother to cook up a decent story; our police at least throw in a ‘resisting’ allegation or say it looked like the perp had a weapon, though even that starts to wear thin after you’ve heard it a hundred times…

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