Fugitive U.S. Doctor Found Living in Tent 6000 Feet Up in the Italian Alps

International fugitive and former millionaire nose doctor, Mark Weinberger was captured while living in a tent at 6000 feet up in the Italian Alps. Weinberger tried to take his own life with a small knife that he hid in his underwear.

Mark Weinberger’s wife, Michelle, said that he disappeared during the night of September 21, 2004 as she slept on their 79 foot powerboat tied up at a marina on the Greek island of Mykonos.

Before he fled, Weinberger, 46, lived the high life while earning $200,000 a week with a mansion, a chauffeur-driven limousine and a staff of personal maids and cooks. He would often fly to the Mediterranean to unwind.

However, he was accused of ordering unnecessary surgeries to keep the money pouring into his practice. Over two dozen patients filed malpractice cases against him and he hid the fact that he was deeply in debt. He reportedly had a room of survival gear at his office that he shipped to Europe before his disappearance.

His final abode was a tent in the Italian Alps where he was living for months on dried and canned foods.

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19 thoughts on “Fugitive U.S. Doctor Found Living in Tent 6000 Feet Up in the Italian Alps”

  1. As a physician misbehavior researcher, I continue to shake my head at not merely the extent of the “Lab Coat Lunacy” but the undeniable volume.

    During the Summer of ’09, while the “Jackson Five” were being investigated (not the musicians. The groupie, drug-pushing physicians) 21 other MDs were quietly convicted for Murder & Drug-running, Rape, Child Molestation and secretly Filming their Nude Patients. Nationwide, you ask? Oh Lord, no. That was merely the “Daffy Doc” crime tally for 90 days in California.

    Medical Miscreants like Weinberger appear to develope a brain tumor called “forgetresponsibilityideserveeverythingiwant-oma.” Immune to normal treatment modalities, this ugly mind-growth only seems to respond to swift, painful & daily kicks in the rear. Of course we don’t do that. We have become a nation of “Looney Doctor” enablers. So not only is their recidivism rate comparable to street thugs released from San Quentin. Worse, they keep breeding.

    Which is why Weinberger joins the 237,000 others on the wall of shame at the Nat’l Practitioner Data Bank, as either “Questionable” or “Dangerous.”

    Health Care Reform? Now there’s a complex subject. But here’s a novel idea you won’t hear on Meet the Press. Why don’t we just start by weeding out the lunatics?

  2. Dave Wyman:

    “What a pheromonominal story. Well, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. I’d odor up a psychiatric exam for this guy, though.”


    Given his time in self-imposed solitary confinement on the shower-free mountain, I suspect an “odor” examination might not require too much to accomplish.

  3. I should have done my research first.

    (start of quotes) To make matters worse, the surgery had caused a hole in her septum that required corrective surgery, her lawyer said.

    Weinberger “would tell them that they needed surgery on all of their sinuses,” Gibson said. “He almost always drilled holes in their sinuses in the wrong place and didn’t do anything else.”

    (end quotes)

    Chicago Trib article:


    So the guy drilled holes “in the wrong places.” Maybe he was trying to kill himself.

  4. “Weinberger tried to take his own life with a small knife that he hid in his underwear.”

    He just wanted people to think that he was trying to take his own life, IMHO. (If he had wanted to sever an artery, he would have been successful at it. His specialty was ENT and he stabbed himself in the throat…)

    The malpractice cases involved unnecessary surgeries, not botched surgeries. Given his income, I’d say he was pretty good at doing surgery. A narcissist is my best guess…

  5. If a surgeon can’t kill himself with a knife, I guess that the numerous malpractice suits shouldn’t be terribly surprising.

    I guess, though, despite his generally appearing to be a total idiot, if I had to hide somewhere, the Val d’Aosta would be a pretty fantastic place to be stuck.

  6. That a doctor would use a small, sharp instrument taken from his underwear to try to end his life is unforgivable.

    He might have got a bad germ which could have killed him!

  7. Blouise,

    Did you type the last post on the new computer you had planned to purchase? If so, what brand?

    (I think that line you quoted can be attributed to any blood hound)

  8. “I scent the trail of bloody guilt.” … my apologies to whomever for I remember the line but not the author.

  9. FFLEO: “Nobody knows what the nose knows”

    “Only the the toes knows”…

    Kevin Spacy tag line (as Mel Profitt crazy/killer)from ‘Wiseguy’.

  10. That Nose Doc was simply relyin’ too much on that old saw/sayin’:

    “Nobody knows what the nose knows”


    When Weinberger’s size 14 shoes were brought down from the mountain, officials in Caracas immediately declared him the Italian Abominable Snowman. A request by the Venezuelan government for autopsy was denied by Italian officials citing a little used animal cruelty statute.

  12. I guess he would not be a candidate for witness relocation. Something is more to the story that we are being told. This just does not smell right.

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