Illinois GOP Senate Candidate Calls Out Rep. Kirk For Alleged Homosexuality

The Senate race is already heating up in Illinois after GOP primary candidate Andy Martin (left) ran a negative ad accusing Rep. Mark Kirk (R-IL) of being gay.

Martin has achieved a degree of infamy for anti-Semitic remarks and his fostering of the rumor that Barack Obama is a Muslim.

In the ad, Martin states “I am fighting for the facts about Mark Kirk . . . Illinois Republican leader Jack Roeser says there is a ‘solid rumor that Kirk is a homosexual.’ Roeser suggests that Kirk is part of a Republican Party homosexual club. Lake County Illinois Republican leader Ray True says Kirk has surrounded himself with homosexuals. Mark Kirk should tell Republican voters the truth.”

In 1996, Martin (a former journalist) ran for a Florida State Senate seat with a campaign committee named “The Anthony R. Martin-Trigona Congressional Campaign to Exterminate Jew Power in America.” In a 1983 bankruptcy case, Martin reportedly called the judge “a crooked, slimy Jew who has a history of lying and thieving common to members of his race.”

It will be interesting to see what steps the RNC and Republican leaders take in the face of such homophobia and intolerance.

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48 thoughts on “Illinois GOP Senate Candidate Calls Out Rep. Kirk For Alleged Homosexuality”

  1. Mark Kirk is the same guy who says that “super pot” aka “kush” is “as strong and dangerous as crack cocaine, and turns kids into zombies!”

    who cares if he’s gay!

    who cares about politicians’ sexual affairs when they lie to us all the time!

    who cares about their sexual preference… when politicians lie to us no one cares… when they lie to their wives… IMPEACH!

  2. Jill,
    you are on fire on this one. Kirk was a big supporter of that felon, George W. Bush when it came to the Iraq War and torture. It wouldn’t be a surprise if another family value Republican is outed here, but this Andy Martin is a real creep.

  3. TomD.Arch:

    as a conservative, I think it depends on which part of the republican party takes power. If it is the conservative (as opposed to Neo-Cons) element, I don’t think there is much to worry about by way of social values. Most are fairly “liberal” (although abortion will be an issue) however if you don’t like free markets, you will probably be hating life.

    If the other side of the republican party takes power (neo-cons and evangelical Christians), you and I will both be hating life. Although you will probably not disagree too much with their economic policies.

  4. Part of me takes a great deal of glee in watching the “core” of the Republican party chew itself to shreds from the inside out (akin to the emergence of the little beastie in Alien). But then, part of me thinks back to the history of Germany in the 1930s, and shudders as to what happens if these folks “emerge”.

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