Bad Bunny: Former Playboy Model of the Year Convicted of Beating Fellow Hostess with Toilet and Then Has Meltdown in Courtroom

Louise Glover, a former Playboy Model of the Year, has added a novel category for assault: AWT (assault with a toilet). She has been convicted of assaulting DJ Maxine Hardcastle in a restroom of a club where they both work.

The fight occurred after Hardcastle (daughter of 80s musician Paul Hardcastle) reportedly looked at Glover’s estranged husband, Ben Porter. Glover who works at the club as a hostess reportedly hit Hardcastle in the face, broke her nose, and slammed her head into a bathroom stall. She then allegedly picked her up and slammed her head onto a toilet seat repeatedly and tried to drown Hardcastle by shoving her face into the toilet.

She claimed self-defense. After being found guilty of assault, Glover reportedly threw herself to the floor, howling and sobbing.

What really struck me about this story was her final pitch to the court. She reportedly yelled at the court: “You’ve ruined my life! I’ll never be on TV any more.” That does not tend to be a successful argument in criminal courts.

In 2005, Glover was convicted of benefit fraud and sentenced to 240 hours of community service, which she failed to carry out.

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11 thoughts on “Bad Bunny: Former Playboy Model of the Year Convicted of Beating Fellow Hostess with Toilet and Then Has Meltdown in Courtroom”

  1. Another caption for that young woman’s photograph, paraphrasing drug commercials:

    This is your brain on silicone.

  2. I have been a big fan of her (maxine) fathers music,now I know where he got the title for one of his tunes.

  3. It is very telling that this former Playboy “model of the year” has parlayed that into a great career as a “hostess” at a club. I wonder what her job description is.

  4. someone indulged her too much when she was growing up, she needed some timeouts or maybe even a spanking.

    Sh . . . for brains and an unrealistic view of her place in the scheme of things. Big boobs and small minds are a dangerous combination.

  5. The problem is clearly visible. As some womin age, theys brains migrate southward. Case Dismissed on migrating circumstances!

  6. “I don’t have to take this kind of crap off of you!” declared both parties, unaware of the ensuing brawl that should have been held at the Hollywood Bowl. Pay-per-view! Tidy-Bowl sponsorships! A Battle Royal ala Commode!

  7. I think I dated her sister or was that her mother. Same thing, maybe its in the rearing….

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