5 thoughts on “The Leaning Tower of Liuzhou”

  1. Why didnt the Chinese just send an airliner through the building in the background, and all the debris that emitted from that building could have taken the 22-story building down [just like what our government wants us to believe about WTC 7 on 9-11]?

  2. looks like not enough explosive and pre-demo prep. they probably also had some charges go off at the wrong time/out of sequence.

    It looks like just the first floor or foundation columns were cut. I have seen a few other videos/articles where a building came down intact due to foundation failures.

    Controlled demo is not easy to get right and takes a good deal of preparation.

  3. What went wrong was the same agency that planned the WTC demolition was mot employed. Correction, the same tactic that was used to demolish the WTC.

    I think that this is a question that is on a lot of folks minds that I know. If you hit a big building such as this and it does not fall over, something else was amiss.

    Take for instance a human body. Hit someone in the feet and they collapse. Hit them in the middle and depending where they either fall down or bend over. But then don’t fall where you hot them. Hit them a little higher and where do they fall? Over like building blocks. Now hit them in the head, just like the feet and they fall down.

    I like what one of the commentators had to say on the comment section of the main article.

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