Family Sues Funeral Home After Grandmother’s Brains Are Returned With Personal Items

An unnamed family in New Mexico has filed a lawsuit after a horrific discovery among the bag of personal belongings returned to them by the DeVargas Funeral Home and Crematory in Espanola Valley: the brains of their deceased grandmother.

The family noticed an odor coming from a bag helpfully marked “Brain.” It turns out that it had just been thrown into the truck, according to the lawsuit.

Four family members filed in a District Court in Albuquerque.

but funeral home owner Johnny DeVargas insisted it was due to a mistake by a Utah company. The grandmother died in Utah in a car accident.

Mishandling of corpses is one of the oldest torts and often raises the prospect of punitive damages on top of those for negligent infliction of emotional distress.

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10 thoughts on “Family Sues Funeral Home After Grandmother’s Brains Are Returned With Personal Items”

  1. lol

    Oh no you’re not! Well . . . maybe a little. But funny is funny. I can’t argue that.

  2. I can’t pass this one up, But who is the brains of this operation?

    I am ashamed of myself.

  3. The question of whose is the Brains of this operation. It appears that you have two if not more Corporate defendants. If this was an accident how did the brains not go with the corpse to the coroner office. Do they not do an autopsy when you have an accident? Certainly they would have noticed this missing body organ.

    The brief read of the article give little detail.

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