8 thoughts on “A Water Drop”

  1. That’s a fascinating video!

    Have you ever heard of Snowflake Benthley? Wilson Alwyn (Snowflake) Bentley was the first person to make a photomicrograph of a snow crystal (snowflake) in 1885.


    You can see images of the snowflake pictures Bentley took at the Bentley Snow Crystal Collection of the Buffalo Museum of Science.


    An award-winning children’s book about Snowflake Bentley was published in 1998. It was written by Jacqueline Briggs Martin and illustrated by Mary Azarian. I had never heard of Bentley before I read that book. One can learn much from reading quality nonfiction children’s books.

  2. WG


    Wow from watching the first one, I got up to go to the lobby to get some more seven-up and popcorn.

  3. This home video was probably inspired by the Discovery Channel show “Time Warp” from which the clip of the water droplet came. It shows a common house cat drinking water in slow motion and reveals that, contrary to what our real time senses tell us, cats and many other small mammals do not lap up water or milk with the top of their tongues, as most people assume, but rather scoop up liquids with the bottom. Neat stuff.

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