Nine Lies: Man Arrested After Killing and Skinning Cat for Memorial

In Florida, Jason Alkire, 26, is accused of killing his cat and then skinning it in an effort to create a memorial. Police insist that the cat did not have nine lives, but Alkire allegedly had almost as many lies to explain why he was caught with a pocket knife skinning a house cat.

Police state that Alkire first said that the cat died by natural causes. Later he admitted that he killed the cat by throwing it against a dresser after it scratched him. Later he said that the cat had not scratched him and that he had drowned the cat. That is the account the police decided to go with and booked him on a single count of cruelty to animals. Bail was set at $5,000.

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4 thoughts on “Nine Lies: Man Arrested After Killing and Skinning Cat for Memorial”

  1. I have a pocket knife and I’d like to build a shrine to cat killers.

    Out of a cat killer.

    So the state of Florida can mail me Alrike at the following address . . .

    Oh wait! I forgot. I don’t engage in precursor to serial killer behaviors let alone going full bore so I guess actually skinning Alrike is out of line.

    Appropriate perhaps, but way out of line.

  2. I think that this man/Creep needs some help and not the Judicial system. He needs some therapy. Something must have happened that allows him to think that this is acceptable behavior.

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