Plaintiffs Fight Effort to Limit Reforms in World Bank Protest Trial

Last night, the Plaintiffs in the World Bank/IMF protest case filed our opposition to the summary judgment motion filed by the District in the World Bank/IMF protest case. The District is trying to use a proposed settlement in another case to bar us from seeking more comprehensive reforms (or equitable relief) at the trial in September. As lead co-counsel in the Chang case (with my colleague Daniel Schwartz of Bryan Cave), I am limited in what I can say on the case. However, to reduce calls to my office, I am posting the filings below.

Here is the recent filing in Chang
As filed – Opposition to Motion for Partial Summary Judgment

3 thoughts on “Plaintiffs Fight Effort to Limit Reforms in World Bank Protest Trial”

  1. What are the specific reforms they are trying to block? We should shame fenty with the details

  2. Just give me the money. Why can’t we just all get along? Just give me the money….

  3. “Smith stated, “I don’t know what I would do differently today than I did
    then.” (Id.) This statement was not made in 2002 or 2004 or even 2008; it was made last month after the District had reportedly agreed to the settlement in Barham.”

    He must wear a specially fitted uniform to hide the massive balls he must have to make that statement. I’ll translate for some of the laymen who may not have caught that the “officer” here is saying, “We had to settle or get or butt’s kicked at trial, but I’d do it all the same if I had the choice this afternoon.”

    It reminds me of the Bill Hick’s joke about Rodney King.

    (mocking Officer Kuhn) “That Rodney King tape? It all depends on how you look at it.”

    “All depends on how you look at it! How are you looking at it Officer Kuhn?”

    “If you watch it in reverse you see us help King up and send him on his way.”

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