Scientific Breakthrough: Engineers Develop Automatic Ball Toss For Dog Owners

Ever wonder why no one has solved the problem of having to raise your arm repeatedly on the couch in order to throw a ball to your dog? Well, finally scientists have tackled the problem.

Now if only we can match the robotic dog with the automatic ball thrower for the ultimate pet for couch potatoes.

27 thoughts on “Scientific Breakthrough: Engineers Develop Automatic Ball Toss For Dog Owners”

  1. Hey we had a President that could do that very same thing. Was his name per chance, George?

  2. My late dog would play fetch with himself. Sometimes with tennis balls, but once I showed him how to stop on the squeaker (just the small piece of plastic that goes into many stuffed toys, available at finer pet stores everywhere) he would stomp on it himself, then grab it and toss it into the air, then run over and stomp on it again. Repeat until he either tossed it onto furniture too high for him to reach (at which point he would run to me pleading for me to retrieve it for him) or I would go mad at the constant noise and take it from him.

    The moral of the story is that you might think that it’s a Good Thing to let your dog entertain itself, but that’s only until you learn that they’re worse than a morose teenager listening to the same song again and again and again and again.

  3. Once my friends learn how to build this delighful machine by ourselves, we will have no need for you humans.

  4. Thank you, Rafflaw. One time by son had a birthday slumber birthday party for at least 20. It was a nightmare. I think have euphoric recall of the sleepovers.

  5. Sleepovers?!! I never looked forward to my kids sleepovers when they were young. There was always one who couldn’t sleep or was awake way too early and I slept worse than the kids did! Swarthmore mom, good luck with the law school acceptances. I have been through that with my daughter.

  6. Yes, it is indeed a miracle. So Buddha, when you heading this way? Coffee is waiting.

  7. I actually enjoyed having kids at that age sleepovers and all. It is more fun than having a 20 something waiting to hear from law schools and a dog that is too old to play fetch. There is relief in that one got through all the sleep overs and soccer games and the children graduated from college or soon will.

  8. Buddha,

    Don’t come crying to me when you get involved in a land war in Asia.

  9. Slarti,

    That word you keep using . . . “useful”. I do not think it means what you think it means. To misquote Inigo Montoya.

  10. Should you be apprehended, the Director of the I.M.F. will disavow any knowledge of your existence.


    But rest assured, you’d have an unusual group coming to your rescue! 😀

  11. AY,

    You fling things with a trebuchet.

    Professor Turley said:
    “Should there be reports of mysterious pet launching in the McLean area, this thread will self-destruct.”

    I’m keeping a copy of these comments on my email for just such a contingency… Bwa-ha-ha-ha!

  12. Ad Campaign for the Turley Household.

    Have you flung a Trebuchet lately…

  13. I have to say I’m impressed that you have a family trebuchet. I strongly approve of you teaching your son the proper construction, use, and maintenance of siege weaponry. No wall could possibly stand against the mighty forces of Turley.

    1. Should there be reports of mysterious pet launching in the McLean area, this thread will self-destruct. In the meantime, my greatest task this morning is breakfast with two sleep-overs for the kids (who have been up since 6 am).

  14. Won’t that get you in trouble if you go around launching pets in your neighborhood?

    Did you see the link to Magic Jacks new Jack? It should be out in about 4 months.

    1. AY:

      Indeed, the Turley Trebuchet was adjusted to a peak performance. I am exploring pet applications now after seeing this video.

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