28 thoughts on “One in Every Crowd”

  1. Professor Turley–

    Forget Betty Crocker! You should be thinking more along the lines of Ace of Cakes–Tantalizing Tort(e)s Division. You could win the title of The Buttercream Barrister.

    BTW, you’re already our American ABA Idol.

  2. “To seal or not to seal, that is the penguin”

    ar ar ar

    A lady takes her car to the mechanic. The mechanic checks the the car and tells the lady “It looks like you blew a seal” the lady answers back wiping her mouth “No, that just a little mayonaise from lunch!”

    aack! sorry, that was uncalled for ….

  3. hey everybody – we need to vote jonathan turley’s blog up in the bloggies. i put him down for best political blog, but maybe another category would be better – either single topic or most humorous??? i hope you win, JT. your blog is a regular stop for me. i always enjoy it. that seal looks just like my little boy. acts like him, too. ha!


    1. Thanks Jen. I am not sure when we will hear back on the ABA Journal, which usually issues a final decision by email. It appears the TLS has won by 50 votes, but we have not received the email badges and notification by ABA yet. Once I get it, we will congratulate all of the winners and look for the next contest to use as an excuse to post old movie clips. I have my eye on the Annual Betty Crocker Cooking competition.

  4. Did you hear about the baby seal that walked right past the bouncer into a club? He died because of excessive clubing.

  5. About the best word to describe this is “anachronistic” Hey is that a seal in my camera lens? To seal or not to seal, that is the penguin. Is this the seal of the day? Wheres that seals momma?

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