Cartoonist Sends Letter to Young Boy

Call me a softie, but I find this really cool. A young boy wrote a letter to the cartoonist John Kricfalusi, the creator of Ren & Stimpy. Instead of just blowing him off, he sends this illustrated letter.

The letter at the link below takes young Amir through the basics of drawing. This is the cartoonist equivalent of the Coke Mean Joe Green commercial.

Kricfalusi gets serious good karma after this.

For the letter and story, click here.

9 thoughts on “Cartoonist Sends Letter to Young Boy”

  1. In light of all of the crazy stories we deal with here, it is nice to read a real, live feel good story! Kudos to the cartoonist.

  2. IIIIII wrote that stupeeeed poooem!!!

    It’s great to learn that John K. is such a generous guy in addition to being a brilliant cartoonist!

    oh! I thought you were circus midgets.

    (how did stuff that good get on tv?)

  3. “YOU LIE!!!! You have always coveted my ice cream bar! With it’s smooth creamy center . . . “

  4. Space Madness was one of the best!

    “Chocolate covered raisins… Glazed Ham…”

  5. To quote Ren Hoek, “YOU!!!! You’re not like all the others!”

    Good on you, John K.!

    “Space Madness” may be one of the funniest cartoons of all time.

    And who would have thought you too, John K., could be as big a hero to a kid as Powdered Toast Man. Good show. All the way around.

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