OMG TARFU in CT: Court Deputy Breaks Leg While Trying to Stop Texting

According to police, Demonte T. Jones, 18, has texted himself into a criminal charge. Anne Arundel court deputies say that Jones was texting in court and got into a wrestling match with deputies — resulting in one suffering a broken leg.

Deputies say that Jones was told repeatedly to stop texting. When he allegedly refused, Deputy Brian Schwaab order him out of the courtroom but Jones reportedly screamed an epithet. Schwaab then tried to grab Jones, who allegedly pulled back and drew the attention of Schwaab’s brother, Deputy Doug Schwaab. The Schwaab brothers ended up felling to the floor with Jones and Brian Schwaab broke his leg below the knee.

Jones is now likely to face some serious charges. I am not sure who he was texting but prosecutors are likely to find out if his last entry was “OMG NFW Will I ST!!!!”

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9 thoughts on “OMG TARFU in CT: Court Deputy Breaks Leg While Trying to Stop Texting”

  1. Wow, this must be a great town to live in… little real crime that law officers are forced to take down the dangerous texters to keep their paychecks coming!

  2. I hear Joe from Arizona is looking for Jackboot Thugs to assist him in his latest involvement. Those with an ideal of the constitution and desire to read office policy manual need not apply. Only those with no social conscience or morality need apply.

  3. If the deputy’s name was E F Hutton the dude would have listened the first time.

  4. Yo Prof,

    Do you think it should be a little clearer that Anne Arundel is a county within MD. And this is not a name for a Judge or Magistrate “Anne Arundel”?

    This may be a second language to you all on the eat coast with your frost bitten keyboards and fingers.

    The above was meant only in serious humor. ONLY.

  5. Man says in Court: To Text or Not to Text. I don’t know. Are you going to break my neck is the question.

  6. Texting.

    You were going to eject him for texting.

    What are you, Judge? 12? What were you doing while the Gestapo was dispensing thug justice? Ever hear of a jammer if cell phones are such a no-no? You can buy them all over the internet and if you’re handy with tools, just get the schematics and build one yourself.

    Sign posted or not? I seriously would like to know (and I’m NOT a fan of texting) exactly how this negatively impacted your ability to run the court if Jones wasn’t an attorney or party to the case proper and in camera? Too noisy? Concerned you might screw up and it be caught by a witness recording contemporaneous observations?

    “This doesn’t really come up that often and I don’t want to overreact because of some disrespectful little punk,” said Bateman.”



    And one of your goons got a broken leg to the effort.

    It’s hard to be sympathetic.

  7. I’m not sure why texting would be prohibited in the court room (it’s quiet and the guy was in the audience, not a defendent) but A) a sign was posted; B) the man was made aware of the prohibition on two ocassions and C) yelling epithets at court officials in light of A & B shows seriously lousy judgement to say nothing of the bad manners and poor social skills of today’s youth.

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