From the Litter Box to the Jury Box: Cat Called for Jury Duty in Boston

Sal Esposito may have some difficulty in voir dire before he actually sits on a jury. His constant licking himself may alone attract the ire of the Court. Guy and Anna Esposito were surprised this week when their cat, Sal, was called for jury duty.

The mix up appears to be the census form that Anna Esposito filled out. She listed “Sal Esposito” under “pets” but crossed out “dog” and wrote “cat.” It appears that our census people listed Sal not as a cat but as a human family member. It is reassuring that this is how congressional seats are determined.

Now what is truly incredible is that Anna filed for Sal’s disqualification of service but the commissioner denied the request. Sal is expected to appear for jury duty at Suffolk Superior Court on March 23. Of course, if it is a cat burglary case, he will be struck for cause.

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20 thoughts on “From the Litter Box to the Jury Box: Cat Called for Jury Duty in Boston”

  1. Solution: Call the commissioner again, tell them Sal is under 18.

    Although I’d find it hilarious if they actually showed up with Sal to the courtroom, just for the look on the judge’s face.

  2. What would they say if the Jurors got into a cat fight in the Jury Box? Would that be grounds for a mistrial?

  3. They obviously didn’t correctly categorize their catalog of potential jurors.

  4. But then again athena. Some people walk in the courthouse smelling like cat……it

  5. On second thought, I issue a full retraction. I’m with mespo and Mike. I always forget my cats are some of the best people I know.

    Then I read the news.

  6. The anti-cat bias of this blog is palpable and felinist. Leave the cat alone. Jury duty is a privilege and duty for us all.

  7. I refuse to have family ridiculed this way. Put Sal on the panel! I find him more qualified than some two legged jurors I’ve had struck for cause.

  8. The cat should have been excluded in voir dire. They are always going to say, “I blame the dog.” Or in the alternative, “You do know I just let you live here too because you are too big to eat, right?” And they will respond this way no matter the quantity or quality of evidence you present.

  9. How are they going to get this animal through security? This is an interesting one to say the least. What if the cat does not show up? I suppose they will be to be “cat o nine” sharp.

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