Police Arrest Florida Man Who Beat Wife While She Was Driving and Caused Rollover

We have yet another case out of Port St. Lucie to add to our library, here. According to police, Dwight Robotham, 33, decided to beat his wife as she was driving the car. The result was a rollover for the couple and a criminal charge for Robotham.

The couple was attending a party in Port St. Lucie (our most productive area for torts and crime stories) when they began to have a fight. That is when Robotham began to hit his wife and then grabbed the steering wheel.

He was arrested on charges of culpable negligence, cruelty towards a child, neglect of a child and domestic battery.

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7 thoughts on “Police Arrest Florida Man Who Beat Wife While She Was Driving and Caused Rollover”

  1. Mike

    Would it have made a difference if it were his girlfriend he assaulted?

    In regards to “holy matrimony” and jail please refer to the Sam Kinison comments on the Mark McGuire thread.

  2. While homosexuals should of course be permitted to marry, can we possibly consider giving intelligence tests to people before issuing marriage licenses? Perhaps if this man had been excluded from “holy matrimony” by cause of stupidity, he would not be in jail today.

  3. bdaman:

    Looking at Gilbert Arenas on that site tells me that there really may be a “juwanna man”

  4. This is why a certain level of willful stupidity merits its own charge although I am fairly certain the condition itself is a form of punishment.

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