Police At Play

This video shows Oxford’s finest using their riot shield as sleds in the snow.

The BBC story below says that the officers have been reprimanded. However, Rick Latham posted the video to show that the officers do have a “sense of humour.”

That is certainly more than our own officers have shown recently on snow days, here.

For the full story, click here.

6 thoughts on “Police At Play”

  1. AY: “The angle was about 45 degrees, the run was 182 feet. ”

    That’s a hill worthy of respect- and fear. The hill behind my house is like that but with a much shorter run that ends right in one of my flower beds. After the first couple of winters here I stopped being a grinch and just left the area bare. Being a mensch is really easier than being a grinch. Every kid should be able to have a good hill available for sledding. Now the kids are old enough that last week they were using snowboards.

  2. LottaK,

    I owned a house that was built on a Hill. The angle was about 45 degrees, the run was 182 feet. The only problem was it ran you into the street. and the little ole maple tree in the middle. Oh yes, the neighbor did complain about going into his yard.

    But hey, when the streets turn to Ice what are you going to do?

    Slide in the neighbor yard of course.

  3. Actually, the fact that there are police in Britain with soul enough to be lured to what looks like an outstanding sledding hill is a good sign. Maybe all the police in Britain haven’t become mindless automatons. This is the most positive bit of news about British LEO’s I’ve read in a long time. I’d be tempted to take a reprimand for a go on a hill that good 🙂

  4. Robert,

    Are we talking about the damage: a) to the shields; b) to the snow; c) Public; 4) tax payers?

    If you are talking the Officers/Bobbys. That would be hard to prove. Where would the damage part be. Its hard to prove when on most as most LEO’s are criminals with a badge.

  5. I don’t have a problem with this, other than, making sure that the officers should be held personally responsible for any damage.

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