Three Missouri Men Arrested After Allegedly Kidnapping Wrong Man in New Jersey

According to police, these guys may be the worst kidnappers in history. Police believe that they kidnapped the wrong guy from New Jersey, only to have him bolt in Missouri. One officer called Douglas Stangeland, 46, of Nevada; Andrew David Wadel, 21, and Lonnie Eugene Swarnes, 44, “bumbling idiots” after their arrest near a convenience store in Lake Ozark.

Police say that the men kidnapped Jeffrey Muller by mistake and Muller was spotted by a convenience clerk trying to escape.

The three allegedly walked up to the pet store owner and asked if he was Jeff Muller and, when he said yes, they shot him with a stun gun.

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16 thoughts on “Three Missouri Men Arrested After Allegedly Kidnapping Wrong Man in New Jersey”

  1. BuelahMan,

    One of the hazards of climate change is altered weather patterns. Soon they’ll be playing banjos in South Dakota out of genetic compulsion (as they do in Arkansas) rather than the usual explanation – you don’t have enough wind for bagpipes and beating a sack of opossum with a stick is too much work for a four minute song much less a live performance.

  2. Anyone knows that the prevailing winds carry the dregs from north to south. Ask any weather man.

  3. AY,

    I did. Have you ever tried to rake up those balls a Sycamore throws down? They are a persistent annoyance.

  4. Buddha,

    Ok, so how do you explain the migrating in the Ozarks? Its not just the inbreeding that you have to worry about. But those ___ stay.

  5. In LK’s defense as well, Missouri has weather working against it. About twice a years strong winds from the south blow loose Arkies up into the bottom of the state. It’s much more annoying than the neighbor’s Sycamore tree. And harder to rake up and bag I might add.

  6. Folks I am very familiar where Newton N.J and for these guys to go there and then go to Missouri.WOW!!

  7. I wonder why they kidnapped him. I also wonder if kidnapping is on the rise in the USA with the economic conditions being what they are.

    Is this a sign of things to come?

  8. The truth is that the overwhelming majority of criminals are simply not very smart.

  9. What the kidnappers did sounds pretty much like a typical police arrest:

    “Are you Joe Sus?”

    The police called them “bumbling idiots”, but based on the MO, I wonder if kidnappers were ex-cops.

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