18 thoughts on “SUV DOG”

  1. Anonymously

    So, then, I should be watching out for a CIA guy on a Harley with a Chihuahua?

  2. Great picture and as I look at it … for just a moment I feel … yep, life is good.

  3. Hell Tostie.

    You just have to work for the CIA, Blackwater/Xe, the Family, Hells Angles, MS13. You don’t have to go all the way over the pond.

  4. I work for Interpol and I can arrest you here in the United States, throw you in the back of my SUV, deny you Constitutional rights, and hide what I do from the reach of the Freedom of Information Act. I do this all thanks to Barack Hussein Obama and legal blogs that ignore critical stories about the greatest Constitutional threats to citizens from Ivy League Lawyers/leaders/elites.

    Arf, arf.

    Wag, wag.

  5. hahahahahahahaha! you’re funny sometimes! and, why don’t we see you on the cable news shows anymore!?!?!! stop teaching and get back on TV and knock some sense into people. did i miss your post on what a revolting creature is pat robertson?

  6. Some dogs who ride with their head out the window look like, if they had the machine Doug had in “Up,” they’d be saying “Oh, boy, I get to go for a ride!” This one looks like he’s graduated from that feeling and is totally content in his SUV, like he might be saying, “What are you looking at?”

  7. “Okay, so I’m a little gassy. I can’t believe I have to roll the window in this weather.”

  8. That look of confidence and satisfaction. He got him a little somtin’ sometin’ last night.

  9. “uhhh, make a left up here….I want to run into the Safeway and grab a milk bone”

  10. That picture is priceless. Especially the crossed paws! Steve,
    I am sorry about losing your dog! I have been through that and it is no fun.

  11. I love this picture. We lost our 11 year old Golden Retriever, Harper, a month ago yesterday. Today would have been his birthday. Sticking his head out the back window was one of his favorite things to do, but never with his front paws like that, hehe.

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