British Researchers Announce Eye Test To Predict Alzheimer’s 20 Years Before Symptoms Appear

In what could be a major breakthrough in dealing with Alzheimer’s, British scientists believe that they have an inexpensive eye test that could detect the disease 20 years before the first symptoms.

The new test could allow for drugs to be given earlier to slow the progress of the disease. In the test, eye drops are used in the test to highlight diseased cells at the back of the eye.

Using eye drops that highlight diseased cells, the researchers found that the amount of damage to cells in the retina reflects the extent of brain cell death.

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9 thoughts on “British Researchers Announce Eye Test To Predict Alzheimer’s 20 Years Before Symptoms Appear”

  1. The Daily Mail probably shouldn’t be used as a primary source for news about science or health… The article lacks a link to any real “science”. But the important line comes about half-way through – this technique hasn’t started testing in humans yet. We’re years away from this test being demonstrated as safe for humans, let alone having enough data to say that it actually diagnoses Alzheimers at all, let alone 20 years out. I certainly hope it does work out well, but this article is the usual commercial media “medical hype” – long on dramatic discoveries and very, very short on the critical facts.

    Fans of Prof. Turley may also like the Bad Science blog, which rips apart lousy science reporting, primarily in the UK media:

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  3. This thread is about an Eye Test for Alzheimers. Please stick to the topic of the thread.

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  5. Imagine not getting health care coverage because the test wasn’t executed in a timely manner or the results were positive. Cross our collective fingers the Bill passes.

  6. I suggest, Professor Turley, a separate, permanent global warming thread, like the “corrections” tab, to which any troll activity is sent. Otherwise, the intentional hijacking will continue, degrading the blog.

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