England Arrested: Forensic Experts Prove False Rape Claim

There was an impressive victory for forensic science in England this week. Rosanne England, 21, wanted to be a rape victim. She only needed a rapist. England was arrested after forensic investigators showed that she had made up her story of a rape that led to the wrongful arrest of Derek Cummings, 59, a father of two teenage daughters.

England is a businesswoman who scratched her own face and tore her own underwear to look like she had been raped. She gave police a detailed description that matched Cummings, who was in a nearby bar. Since he had been walking his dog at the time of the rape, he did not have an alibi. England appeared perfectly happy to have the man hounded in the press (as he was) and face a long prison stint for a rape that never occurred. She said that Cummings had asked to use her phone and toilet because his car had broken down — only to don a dog mask and rape her.

That is when the forensic people decided to look more closely at the evidence and determined her clothes had been cut before being torn.

I am still astonished that prosecutors never charged Crystal Gail Mangum in the false Duke Lacrosse case. After concluding that Mangum lied to implicate various men (and continued that lie for months), the prosecutors showed little courage or principle in dropping the case without charges. Not only do such false allegations seek to do great injustice to innocent individuals, they hurt real rape victims who may be afraid that no one will believe them.

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6 thoughts on “England Arrested: Forensic Experts Prove False Rape Claim”

  1. Anonimos,
    You have hit on one of my pet peeves…
    “war on rape” or “war on” anything in the context of law enforcement.
    With that phrase comes the built in the implicet conotation that there exists an acceptable level of “collateral damage”; innocents harmed by action in prosecuting a war.
    This is the slippery slope law enforcement uses, (or in reality, politicians, which many LEOs and Prosecutors actually act as or aspire to), to garner sympathy when mistakes, which seem frequent in actual war, are made in their duties.
    “War on” anything is not law enforcement and trumps reason and tolerance excusing bad behavior.
    War and law enforcement should not use the same tactics. Yet alas, this distinction has rapidly gone by the wayside as law enforcement slips further into a Stasi like organization.

  2. To understand how common false rape claims are, and how you can protect yourself against false claims, I invite all readers to visit: http://falserapesociety.blogspot.com/

    The False Rape Society site was started by a U.S.-based attorney to raise awareness about false rape claims. Every objective study ever conducted on the prevalence of false rape claims reveals that they are a significant problem. Yet, despite the grievous harm often suffered by the falsely accused, their unique needs are not being addressed.

    We freely permit the reputations of persons falsely accused of sex crimes to be destroyed by baseless accusations; we freely permit the presumed innocent, who too often turn out to be falsely accused, to be arrested and jailed on even far-fetched claims, with bail set sufficiently high to insure they won’t be released before trial; and we freely excuse false accusers with little or no punishment, thus providing no deterrent to other would-be false accusers.

    These needs of the falsely accused, and others, are ignored because issues surrounding rape have become unnecessarily gender-politicized, and the persons who dominate the public discourse about rape refuse to acknowledge the false rape problem because, they wrongly insist, it would somehow hamper the war on rape.

    By any measure, denigrating the experience of the wrongly accused by dismissing their victimization as a myth or as unworthy of our discussion, much less our protection, is not merely dishonest but morally grotesque.

  3. Forensic experts didn’t prove a false rape claim, they proved a rape claim false.I’m a scientist, not a lawyer, but your headline claims the opposite of what transpired.

  4. Rape is one of the scariest crimes I can think of. It is paramount to help and comfort the victims. It is paramount to show fakers the errors of their ways. It is so hard to differentiate the two…

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