Florida Man Charged After Killing Dog in “Improvised Surgery” Using Super Glue and Dental Floss

William Jones has been arrested in Florida after he killed a dog in a horrific “improvised surgery.” Zoe, a two-year-old hound/retriever mix, died on a kitchen table that Jones turned into a surgery table at his house.

Jones was given the dog by Danielle Vecchio after she was not allowed to keep the dog at her new home. Jones is the father of a friend of Vecchio.

Zoe had been with Jones for about a year when she escaped through a hole in a fence and cut herself on a nail. Jones “treated” the 4-inch wound with Super Glue. Two days later Zoe opened the wound again by going through the hole in the fence (it appears that closing the hole was not a logical option).

Jones then decided to turn vet and ordered his daughter to hold the dog down as he sewed up the wound with dental floss and a needle. As Zoe yelped in pain, Jones decided to tie a teeshirt around her nose and mouth and pour Chloroform over it. Zoe then stopped breathing.

He called Vecchio to pick up the dead dog and advised her to pour lye on the dog so that it would decay faster.

Jones said that Zoe had knocked over the bottle of chloroform and drank it (who has chloroform around the house? Even with four kids under 12, I have never seen the need for Chloroform handy as a household item). The roommate, Ayse Jone, later told her the truth.

Jones could face 20 years if convicted on the felony charges. He better hope his cellmate is cat lover.

Here is the sheriff’s account.

For the story, click here and here.

26 thoughts on “Florida Man Charged After Killing Dog in “Improvised Surgery” Using Super Glue and Dental Floss”

  1. Soon ever one in the u.s. will get a taste of what its like being controlled and incarcerated by big brother. Then, I promise you will be less judging.
    about petty crimes.

  2. The giant medical complex hitting him as hard as they can to keep control
    of any medical situation…. That man just took a potential high paying customer away from an way over priced vet!!!!!

  3. 20 years..? If he’s sentenced to a 1/3 of that it makes your court system the real perpetrator.

  4. me – I agree with you 100%. Jones may not be the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, but if people were sent to prison for stupidity, 90% of the population would be behind bars! An appropriate punishment would be a fine and community service. He, not the taxpayers, should pay for his so-called crime.

  5. 20 years for killing a dog – that comes to a cost of over 1 million dollars in court costs and prison fees (with compounded interest). Not to sound cold – but I’m pretty pleased the citizens of Florida will be footing that bill – 1 million dollars for taking the life of a dog. Hmmmm… makes one wonder why our wonderful country is SO darned far in debt.

  6. Are u guys kidding?
    His intent was to help? If you read the report you will find that it states the dog was screaming and yelping in pain as this monster was trying to sew up a wound with no anestesia!
    And then he killed the dog and tried to cover up what he did!
    How about if someone took a needle to you with no pain killers?…with the intent to help of course? or better yet TO SAVE MONEY!!!
    They need to put this guy away!

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