The Best and Worst of Legal Commercials

Trolman Glaser & Lichtman, a personal injury law firm in New York city has shown that not all legal commercials have to be obnoxious.

Here is another golden selection from the law firm:

The question is whether people will opt for the firm with the best sense of humor.

I much prefer it to experimental rap commercials for lawyers:

Some commercials have been rejected as looking too much like hair products:

Jim Adler’s commercials seem to suggest that he is a transformer Monster Truck/Litigator:

Ernesto Borges seems to promise to fight against both threats from this world and beyond:

Some commercials may not “drive the herd” as much as shake the head:

Other commercials are funny without trying like Heath Allen’s decision to pose with a horse’s derriere:

5 thoughts on “The Best and Worst of Legal Commercials”

  1. Jim Adler…….commercials…
    Funny. I emailed him and asked why? The commercials (even with that actor) shows that he’s not capable of controlling his temper in court and probably on the street. Try maintaining composure. What’s the problem? What is he so pissed off about?

  2. I would not use a law firm that advertises, other than a card in a legal journal.

  3. Oops. Make that the Warren & Allen commercial.

    I got the name wrong, but I still remember the horses ass. :>)

  4. I guess Lincoln really did start this war……

    Attorney adverting that is….

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