Geter Done: Georgia Mother Arrested After Forcing Son To Kill Hamster With Hammer As Punishment for Bad Grades

Police in Georgia have arrested Lynn Middlebrooks Geter who is charged with forcing her 12-year-old son to kill his pet hamster with a hammer as a punishment for bad grades (the boy’s bad grades not the hamster’s). “Killing pet with hammer” appears to be farther down on after “no television” and “no sleepovers.” Way down on the list.

This is right up there with the father organizing baby cockfights. This is so positively disgusting and disturbing that a plea would be highly advised (and expected) in the case. Geter will not want to argue self-defense to a jury.

The 38-year-old mother was charged with animal cruelty, child cruelty and battery.

News of Geters arrest was received below with relief by the hamster community:

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22 thoughts on “Geter Done: Georgia Mother Arrested After Forcing Son To Kill Hamster With Hammer As Punishment for Bad Grades”

  1. He had better do his home work and get his grade level to A’s or B’s,lest he end up like Mom. What better can one expect? This is Georgia, after all.

  2. You got my vote for keeping this “mom” in a metal hospital…..but we all know that won’t happen. Then at least be sure the kid gets the therapy he will surely need or else like alot of you are saying…it won’t be evident until it’s too late…when something bizare happens in the neighborhood…. SOMEONE or something will be paying the price for this eventually otherwise. That town ought to put alot of pressure on the right people to deal with this woman swiftly and appropriately and help this kid who I feel so sorry for… I just can’t imagine. I believe it is the sickest thing I’ve ever heard and – being a TRUE CRIME fanatic – I’ve heard alot of sick things…..SPEAK OUT PEOPLE… K C

  3. Animal cruelty is striclty subjective. Did she ever dress their dog up in a sweater?

  4. (This is not intended to offend lottakatz)

    What if it was a cat instead of a hamster?


  5. She may be able to win over a jury of Bible thumpers. Sacrificing innocents used to be a tradition back in the day. Heck, didn’t Abraham intend to sacrifice his innocent son until an angel intervened? 🙂

  6. Wouldn’t it be great if the boy spent the time his mother was in jail training a hamster to hold — and successfully hit things — with a hammer?

    Welcome home, ma!

  7. Prof. Turley:

    I will assume the Hamster dance song was a family favorite a few years back? Although I dont know if I could take that even if it is a nice Rondo.

    My children played the Otis and Milo tape until I was about to go insane.

  8. This so-called Mother should receive her therapy behind bars and her child or children should be removed from her. This is one of sickest stories I have seen in a long time. The gene pool discussion earlier is an appropriate one. There should be an additional charge levied against this woman. Maybe we can call it the to dumb to have children offense.

  9. In his Sentencing as a Juvenile in the General Criminal (Adult) Proceedings.

    I can see the Attorney state in trying to mitigate the sentence to be imposed. Your Honor is all started with his grades, while in High School, God rest his mother soul, she taught him Killing was what you did when you were not living up to your potential.

    You see your Honor his mother was not living up to her potential. She had soiled her Depends and for that he was taught to use the hammer to get rid of what is wrong. So he did the only thing he knew possible.

    This is the way that these things usually end up…..

  10. I’m sure this is high on the instruction list of ” How to raise a serial killer “

  11. AY:

    “This MUther needs some therapy. Soon.”


    Electroshock therapy?

  12. pardon me? mespo,

    Those are great. But then they are saved the fate of freezer de jour. Yuck……..

    This MUther needs some therapy. Soon.

  13. The phrase “gene pool” comes to mind and I’ll leave it at that.

    Thank you, Professor Turley, for the sorely needed comic relief with “The Crazy Hamster Dance” video. A profoundly disturbing story, indeed.

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