Does The President Have A Telediction?

A recent picture of President Barack Obama speaking to elementary students with his ubiquitous teleprompter raises the question of whether it is time for an intervention to deal with his “Telediction”

The President’s famous reliance on teleprompters seem to be a bit out of control when you use one to speak to the students of Graham Road Elementary School in Falls Church, Virginia. The school is not far from my kids’ school and I was surprised to see pictures of the event on the Internet. Many sites are questioning the need for a teleprompter for a crowd used to Harry Potter readings.

There is even now a site for the President’s teleprompter, here.

This makes the Onion’s take seem a bit more real:

For the picture, click here

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  1. I encourage all of you, especially those critics who dislike Obama’s Teleprompter–like I do–to view this full video to see that Mr. Obama does not need those crutches that make him appear a dependent, robotic left-to-right bobble head.

    Very well done. Please tear down that Teleprompter Mr. President!

    Obama At House Republican Retreat In Baltimore: FULL VIDEO, TEXT


    as the video shows, there is no teleprompter in the classroom when Obama is talking with the kids

    the podium and teleprompter were for a press conference after Obama met with the school kids

    more NewsBuster ridiculousness that unfortunately fooled a lot of smart people

  3. “At least with Obama his use of the language is so conventional that one doesn’t have to wonder if there isn’t brain damage attendant to the speaker.”

    I had thought the same thing. If you’re gonna screw up, do it eloquently and less people will notice.

    I had never seen the video of George W. from 1994 before. I wonder what happened. Was he being treated? I wouldn’t put it past Cheney.

  4. At least with Obama his use of the language is so conventional that one doesn’t have to wonder if there isn’t brain damage attendant to the speaker. I stopped being amused by W’s inability to speak after I saw a vid of his 1994 debate against Ann Richards for Texas Governor.

    Here is a sample in lieu of the entire debate which I can no longer find. This vid contrasts his speaking ability against 2004. I saw the Bush/Richards vid well before the 2004 election and his (cognitive?) degeneration was evident then.

    It was an excellent debate and Bush spent the entire debate speaking just as well as the excerpts below demonstrate; they weren’t cherry-picked excerpts. The vid below postulates early onset dementia but it could have been other things as well.


  5. And how much do we get for this Troll, cleans up and a snake oil salesman to boot. I bet he his highly educated. Knows how to slip quicker into a rock in the hot sun and not get caught but will take the first bite and so far only a few sick stomach’s. I open the floor for bidding.

  6. Let me apologize ahead of time for the rude comments contained in this video. I wanted to find a video that would demonstrate Obama making some stupid remarks. This was a pretty good compilation.

    Something about casting the first stone.


  7. Byron–

    Don’t play dumb with me! You know perfectly well to which president I made reference.


    “…if he were to make even the smallest error/gaff, the opposition would be on him like stink on a monkey!!”

    Ain’t that the truth! Not just the opposition–but some of the idiots who are members of the MSM.

  8. Hey Joanne K.

    If a Monkey is kept proper it does not stink. We have a few trolls here I’d like to trade you for one monkey, trainable or not.

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