Does The President Have A Telediction?

A recent picture of President Barack Obama speaking to elementary students with his ubiquitous teleprompter raises the question of whether it is time for an intervention to deal with his “Telediction”

The President’s famous reliance on teleprompters seem to be a bit out of control when you use one to speak to the students of Graham Road Elementary School in Falls Church, Virginia. The school is not far from my kids’ school and I was surprised to see pictures of the event on the Internet. Many sites are questioning the need for a teleprompter for a crowd used to Harry Potter readings.

There is even now a site for the President’s teleprompter, here.

This makes the Onion’s take seem a bit more real:

For the picture, click here

34 thoughts on “Does The President Have A Telediction?”

  1. Anyone who would use this as an example of the President’s “issues” is a mouth breathing moron. There are plenty of real problems to be discussed. This is just a “Show Biz” type of news story.

  2. Byron,

    Whether it’s just preceived intelligence or not, I don’t know, but you gotta admit that George W. didn’t come across as the sharpest knife in the drawer.

  3. Elaine:

    “P.S. I still wouldn’t exchange the present POTUS with the TOTUS for DPOTUS (Dumbest President of the United States). I think we all know who the later is.”

    I cant think of any dumb presidents. to whom were you referring? I went back to 1900. Did you mean worst president? Now that is a toss up among 3 candidates.

  4. That Onion video IS funny!

    Professor Turley–

    It’s not just a telediction–it’s also a teledependency and fixation issue. The POTUS may need some intervention from a media mania therapist and TA (Teleprompterholics Anonymous).

    P.S. I still wouldn’t exchange the present POTUS with the TOTUS for DPOTUS (Dumbest President of the United States). I think we all know who the later is.

  5. I am of the class that says who cares. It is pomp and circuses at this age any way. And maybe the class did not really care anyways. But who cares. If this is the only thing that they can hang something to blame then he is not doing to bad. But this is simply not the case, at all.

    Now showing “W” reading a book. Is one thing. Its another to have “W” read at the 2nd grade level to start with. After all he is a Yale Graduate. But to expect him to read it right side up is another story.


  6. This is a policy speech that’s available for broadcast over the networks, that just happens to be held in a 6th grade classroom.

    Is he expected to memorize it?

    1. Nal: you just like it because it decreases the number of grammatical errors . . .

  7. I have another question. Why does he have his presidential podium in a 6th grade classroom? We need John Riggins to tell him “Loosen up Barack baby!”

  8. I wish he would quit talking with his ears and look at me once in a while. He head bobbles back and forth more than a doll.

  9. Can you blame him?

    If we all had the ability to have our words presented by a screen, rather than recalling them from memory, we would probably go that route. This rings especially true when you know someone is recording the event, and any mistakes will be used against you in the court of public opinion.

  10. when people call the teleprompter “TOTUS” I think there is a problem.

    Teleprompter Of The United States.

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