Van Steals Porsche to Go to Court on Stolen Lexus

Tony Van, 37, a hairstylist from San Francisco, is allegedly someone who likes to arrive in style. When he appeared in court to face charges of stealing a Porsche, Van allegedly decided to arrive in a stolen Lexus — leading to another arrest and charge.

Van’s case is a bit odd on many levels. He was reportedly caught after Yorkshire terrier puppies bolted from a Lexus 4WD in the court parking lot while Van was awaiting the jury’s verdict in the Porsche case. Two employees gathered up the puppies and found several more puppies unattended inside the Lexus. They had clearly jumped out the window. There were three puppies and four adult dogs.

Police later found the vehicle contained stolen items.

He was charged with of receiving a stolen vehicle, receiving stolen property, animal cruelty and leaving animals in an unattended vehicle.

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4 thoughts on “Van Steals Porsche to Go to Court on Stolen Lexus”

  1. Washington!

    If the crime proper doesn’t get you, some lapdog is going to give you away.

    Let this be a lesson to you.

  2. This mental giant deserves a long rest in a controlled environment behind bars. I’ll give him one piece of advice. Don’t drop the soap!

  3. Well maybe his ass will be made into a trailer.

    Sorry I could not resist…..

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