A Nose for Crime: London Police Arrest Man For Blowing Nose at Traffic Light

We have another curiosity out of London where police arrested Michael Mancini, 39, for blowing his nose in his van while it was stopped at a traffic light. The police officer insisted that he was not in control of his vehicle.

Mancini completed his nose blowing and put away his handkerchief when he was pulled over. He was given a £60 fixed penalty and given three points on his driving license.

In the United States, blowing your news can get you a virtual standing ovation, <a href="“>here.

In defense of the police, sneezing and blowing your nose is no joke. It can blow your eye socket, here. Moreover, at least they did not blow up his car after he blow his nose, here.

In England, they appear particularly sensitive to nose blowing infractions. Not only ago they fined a woman when she blew her nose and the tissue blew away in strong winds, here.

It appears that if you need to blow your nose, you need to pull to the side of the road (preferably in a garage), turn the vehicle off and remove the keys, and — with the windows completely closed to avoid sudden gusts of wind — blow your nose. You must then place the tissue into a proper bag which should be deposited in a biohazard or appropriate location.

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12 thoughts on “A Nose for Crime: London Police Arrest Man For Blowing Nose at Traffic Light”

  1. And the officer may also explain what one is supposed to do when suffering a sneeze attack… you know the kind, where you have exactly 0.03 seconds to brace yourself before you “lose control”.

    PS: Have they really nothing better to do these days? Killing cops is fast replacing raping teens as the most progressive thing to do …. (I kid, I think)

  2. Sorry “bakers” should read “bankers”. But in the light of recent events it would perhaps have been better if we had let a bunch of confectioners run our banks instead of a bunch of con-artists.

  3. There have been other similar instances here. Recently a chap was done for the same offence. Whilst stationary at traffic lights his passenger offered him a mint, which he took from the proferred packet and popped in his mouth. Nicked!
    Some of you may ask why the magistrates didn’t simply throw this one out and admonish the “officer” concerned. Simple. When they decide against the police it generates a lot of paperwork to explain themselves. Far easier to find guilty.
    A slice of personal opinion if I may indulge myself. How did it come to this? Well we used to have a sector called manufacturing which we flogged off cheap to foriegners, failed to invest in and derided as being for third world countries to get on with. Instead our leaders decided that we would become a “service ecomomy”, being the brains, bakers, insurers of the world – manufacturing would be carried out by little brown and yellow people on the other side of the world. Our leaders were that arrogant that they did not for a moment suspect that people from other countries were also intelligent and able to provide these “services” cheaper than us.
    Fatal. And its still going on. A so called “Labour” government that allows the continuing decline of what is left of our industry. It was Cadburys chocolate flogged to the Canadians this week.
    All this leaves a lot of folks without jobs and to stop the unemployment figures looking terrible our leaders have to do 2 things.
    1 – Manipulate the figures.
    2 – Create some (taxpayer funded) jobs.
    It is the second of these that is causing our problems. More unnecessary laws and petty vindictive rules and regulations so that more folks who should have been working in factories can be employed to enforce them.
    All funded by the taxpayer, who must be fined for breaking the rules in order to pay these peoples wages.
    For those of you who have not lost the will to live, thanks for bearing with me, I hope it gives an insight as to how my country got into this pathetic state.

  4. Remember the British movie “28 Days Later”? A ‘rage’ virus, the product of military experimentation, escapes the lab and turns Britain into an island filled with killer zombies. The protagonists assume it’s spread worldwide because there is no aid forthcoming from the rest of the world but that’s not the case as they and the viewer find out late in the movie, the world simply quarantined Britain.

    I’m thinking of late that the movie was a stealthy bit of investigative reporting or social commentary. Obviously Britain has been hit with some kind of ‘stupid’ virus or ‘totalitarianism’ virus. Unfortunately, I fear it’s spread to the rest of the (native) English speaking world for lack of a proper quarantine.

  5. AY,

    Just playing a bit of catch up. I’ll be in and out for the next month at least. I’ll give you a call tomorrow as I am soon to be hard back at it today. Waiting for help to arrive. No rest for the moving, especially when it’s multiple residences.

  6. So would it be against the law to pick boogers while at a traffic stop and then share them with the person responsible for regularly conducting traffic stops?

  7. Buddha,

    I bet you would like Holland. LOL.

    So welcome back, you staying for a while or just blowing through?

  8. England.

    I can hear your country getting stupider by the minute. It makes a kind of high pitched whine like air escaping a tire leak. Combined with the sounds of ghostly wailing from the Spirits of Newton, Turing, Churchill, Darwin, Shakespeare and Orwell.

    I’m sure going to enjoy visiting Holland and France.

  9. There must not be very many substantial traffic hazards in London caused by drivers for the police to target for a ticket a man blowing his nose. Obviously what the police need is more American tourists driving around London so the traffic cops will have a reason to hand out citations for serious offenses.

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