“God Hates Signs”: Westboro Protest Triggers Theater of the Absurd

The good people at The Laughingsquid showed the world how to deal with fanatics like the hate-mongering Westboro Church crowd. Westboro loves to show up at funerals and other events with large signs proclaiming such things as “GOD HATES FAGS.” A bunch of counter-demonstrators showed up recently with signs of their own proclaiming such things “I WAS PROMISED DONUTS” and “GOD HATES SIGNS.”

It is a brilliant response of using the absurd to answer the absurd. We saw such a response recently from a Syracuse student below:

The link above shows other hilarious signs used in the recent protest outside of the Twitter office from EDW Lynch, Ed Hunsinger, and others. What is particularly delightful is that Ed Hunsinger reports on his blog that the police stopped him after the event. No, not to arrest him or question him. They wanted his sign to show their sergeant back at the precinct. Ed said that he could hardly refuse. Now that is a success on every possible level of the first amendment.

32 thoughts on ““God Hates Signs”: Westboro Protest Triggers Theater of the Absurd”

  1. Your posts are always much enjoyed Buddha, and Kudos too on “The True story of Larry and the Lord!”

  2. CEJ,

    One lives to be of service. I must confess, the punched goat line is what sold the video to me. 😀


    Beaker represents an ideal. You can kill a man or unstitch a Muppet, but you cannot kill an ideal. To the reports of his demise, I must say, “Meep!”

  3. P&P (and Elaine, you’ll know why),

    OT, but very funny. A little present from a favored Muppet . . .


  4. ROFL… new to your site, love the eclectic mix of posts!

    Keep up the good work jonathan, catch ya on countdown!

  5. You can safely assume you’ve created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do. – Anne Lamott

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