Goose, Goose, . . . Duck!

This video shows the ugly face of the goose peril being ignored by our leaders.

When will we stopping ignoring the menace of Anatidae on attack? When a champion like Drew Gregory cannot go on the river without facing goose taunting, this country is going to the birds.

To make matters worse, the attacker was probably not even an American but some Canadian goose. Where is Rep. Peter King calling for all geese to be stuffed or Sen. Lieberman calling for the extension of hunting season to allow for swift avian justice?

6 thoughts on “Goose, Goose, . . . Duck!”

  1. This is an example of a hybrid: A White Embden and a Grey Toulouse. Being originally from Germany and France, respectively, a lightning attack is always followed by a hasty retreat.

    As no genitalia was evident I would say that the goose thought that it was climbing out on a small island-Martinique perhaps.

  2. I guess he was just trying to get him some Duck Butter. Or better yet CZARNINA polish Duck Soup.

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