Spray-On Glass is Coming

It appears that a Turkish company has perfected the invention of “liquid glass” in a breakthrough that will likely make it and its German patent holder fantastically wealthy. With the United States pouring billions into these wars (while cutting educational budgets) and countries like China spending equally on new research (here), we will increasingly be the consumers rather than the inventors of such new technology.

Spray-on liquid glass is an amazing transparent, non-toxic substance that can protect against water saturation, UV radiation, dirt, heat, and bacterial infections. It is both completely flexible and breathable. It will likely coat many of the surfaces of your home and office.

It consists of almost pure silicon dioxide (silica, the normal compound in glass) extracted from quartz sand.

The bigger winner will be Nanopool, a family-owned German company.

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17 thoughts on “Spray-On Glass is Coming”

  1. I don’t understand Mr. Turley’s comments. He seems to be saying that since the government is spending money on war, inventions are being overlooked. In fact, it was through national security, the department of defense, and etc., that the US invented many amazing things like the internet.

    What creates inventions is freedom (see the link below about democracy and inventions)

    And since leftists have made invention next to impossible because of regulations, invention is dying on the vine.

    Businesses are too.

    If Americans haven’t figured out that they live in a totalitarian police state that punishes invention (again, the guilty ones are judges, lawyers, and legislators), then they are not using the brains God gave them.

    The reason discovery is elsewhere is because elsewhere is more free than America.

    Try to start a business on a shoe-string: government will prevent it at every turn, for our own safety of course.

    Recently the clowns in D.C. wiped out the entire cottage industry of doll clothing makers because of government tampering in the markets and business. No granny crocheting doll clothes is safe from the government thugs.

    The Chinese were poisoning our children’s toys and products and instead of punishing the Chinese, the US government punished US crafters who did NOT poison children.

    Now, only the big toy companies (who manufacture in China, of course) can afford the expensive testing required to sell products for children. Not only do American legislators, lawyers, and judges wipe out invention, they wipe out entire industries.

    The criminals in congress rewarded the criminals in China who poisoned our toys by allowing them to continue sell here in the US. Furthermore, the criminals in China were rewarded when the US government WIPED OUT the entire American cottage industry of doll dress-makers.

    It’s not war that stops invention (war has always been a leader in inventiveness) it is the lack of freedom.

    That lack of freedom that comes from the irrational, draconian, immoral, and unconstitutional laws made by totalitarian governments like ours.

    That is the reason why America is devolving.


  2. The tone of the piece is more like a press release than a scientific article. It stinks with advertising terminology. There’s even a dose of conspiracy theory stuff with the line about markets refusing to sell it.

    Any time you see the terms “nano” and “quantum” used to describe a commercial product, it’s a good bet that the product has nothing to do with either.

  3. Byron,

    Re your comments above. You must not be familiar with all the glass “toys” being marketed.

  4. Bryon,

    The spray on cheese has possibilities…..This stuff not so sure.

  5. Bob,Esq.

    About as communal as using condoms…..Just something ain’t natural……


  6. “Not sure why, just call me Thomas.”


    What are your thoughts about spray on cheese?

  7. Maybe I missed the part about education. But then again maybe I did not. I think that the point is that capital resources are being utilized in a defensive manner rather than in procurement ways.

    Do you think that the A-Bomb would have been built here if we had lagged in nabbing the German scientist? Do you think that we would have most of the modern inventions that were and are created by NASA to be used today as modern conveniences?

    The amount of money spent in education is drying up and yet the justification for war spending is speeding up.

    With the technology as advanced as it is we cannot do both with out detriment to the other.

  8. … My guess is it has more to do with stultifying environmental regulations …

    Well, it was developed in Germany which has even more stringent environmental regulations.

  9. while war spending is problematic, I doubt it is the main reason why we are not developing products like this. My guess is it has more to do with stultifying environmental regulations and other government policies which stifle research and innovation.

    When you take away monetary incentive, people are less likely to innovate. There are other causes and I would be interested in other people’s opinions as to why.

  10. Just think how fashionable the BeeHive Doo would still be if they had had this miracle product say 60 years ago. I read the article and am concerned about the long term health hazards. Not sure why, just call me Thomas.

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