13 thoughts on “How To Light a Cigarette With Only an AK-47”

  1. Pinandpuller, WoW, Thanks. I’d rather be prepared when an opportunity comes along (or necessity requires) and not need the knowledge than have not have the knowledge when circumstances bring the opportunity, or need, to me 🙂

  2. It just amazes me what gets on the front page. I guess it is who is in control of approving articles?

    Might be funny but it is not front page news

  3. Duh whats up. I think you and I should communicate more. If we can show we can carry on a conversation it just my show a few here we are not the same nom de plume.

  4. pinpuller:

    To embed a YouTube video, you just copy the webpage address and paste it in the comment. The video “magically” appears. Don’t know about hulu.

  5. Hey can someone give me a quick tutorial on embeding? I tried a hulu video earlier. I copied the code and pasted it but I may have been mistaken.

    The reason I say this is I can upload video of a guy opening a wine bottle with his shoe and a guy opening beer bottles with a cd.

  6. When I was a young man growing up in the late 60’s table lighters fashioned to look like firearms were all the rage. I am glad to see that some of our Arab brothers have made it into the 20th Century. Only fifty or so years to go!

  7. Makes me glad I quit smoking. We are a crafty tool using and misusing species for a fact. Elvis used to use a firearm as a TV remote.

    Which, I must confess, has a certain appeal to it at times.

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