Family Group Accused of Using False Picture of Lesbian Couple

Scott Maxwell at the Orlando Sentinel has an extraordinary story about the lengths that social conservatives and anti-gay advocates will go to block the adoption of children by gay couples. Vanessa Alenier and her partner, Melanie Leon, are affluent and loving parents who were awarded custody of a child who was in their foster care in Florida. One problem for the Florida Family Policy Council, it appears, is that they are also attractive, so (on the left) is the picture the council posted with their calls for opposition to the adoption while (on the right) is the actual couple.

For the judge, the adoption should have been an easy decision. The investigators found that the one-year-old boy left in their care “happy and thriving.” The judge made the mistake it appears of focusing on the child’s well-being as opposed to the identity of the parents. The Family Council denounced the decision as a case of “[a]rrogant judicial activism” and has been campaigning against the couple.

These “family advocates” oppose giving a foster child a loving home and caring parents. It is better it seems to throw him back into the foster care system to be bounced from home to home. This case is proof that these are not family values (since they are opposing the creation of a loving family) but political values.

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47 thoughts on “Family Group Accused of Using False Picture of Lesbian Couple”

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  2. So… these “family values” far-right nutjobs would rather the child stay bouncing from house to house than stay with a lesbian couple that loves each other and their child?

    If you want to call it a “family value,” at least give it characteristics that ANYBODY would agree is from a loving family. If the child is happy and healthy, and the parents are happy and healthy, and the parents love their child, who cares what their sexual orientation is?

    There’s nothing more offensive than idiots who try and “protect” children from whom they deem are monstrous, evil, wicked, Satan-derived, beautiful lesbian SINNERS. It’s absolute insanity. Far-left nutjobs just try to promise too much but can’t deliver; far-right nutjobs try and control every single family that they just don’t happen to be a part of, and call it “moral”. Idiots.

  3. It’s not that the less attractive couple would be any less deserving of the right to adopt a child. It’s that the Florida Family Policy Council don’t believe in the strength of their nefarious agenda if it is countered with an image of an attractive couple. What losers.

  4. Actually, the “unfortunate-looking” couple doesn’t really look all that bad. Except for the haircut, the blonde is a dead ringer for a woman who was a pillar of the church where I grew up, and a nice woman she was too. The brunette would have been 100% improved by even a little smile, but perhaps she just hates to have her photo taken.

    I have a clear image, however, of the “family values” types who perpetrated this shameful scam, and let me tell ya, THEY ain’t pretty. At least not on the inside.

  5. ‘Family values’ = unconstitutional discrimination = treason

    Now, JT, when are you finally sueing Pat Robertson and the like-minded for this?

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