Mammals Join Together During the Snowpocalypse

At times like this, mammals must stick together. Now, if only I can get the wildlife to shovel the two feet of snow on my driveway.

It is still snowing in McLean and I just went out and measured just short of the two-foot mark. I have no choice but to return to the house and continue my campaign to overcome my boys in their dominance of the Wii.

100 thoughts on “Mammals Join Together During the Snowpocalypse”

  1. Duh–

    Now we just have to take our shoes and jackets off at the airports and get full body scans. I think I’d still like to duck and–definitely–cover.

  2. Elaine M. and FFLEO,

    Funny you should bring that up. Just a few weeks ago the subject of civil defense shelters came up. As a child, I knew where all of them were, and we had regular drills. I guess the end of the Cold War made those kind of things a thing of the past.

  3. Ms EM,

    I do remember ‘duck n’ cover’ I did not mind it too much ’cause along with detention, sittin’ alone in the hallway, and turnada drills, they all got me out of class for a spell…

  4. FF LEO–

    If you’re a thinkin’ I’m the sane one–that means ther muz be two crazy old folks who are reg’lers at the Turley blog.

  5. Duh–

    FF LEO and I are a couple of old-timers who share some of the same memories. I bet FF LEO even remembers “duck and cover.”

  6. Ms. EM,

    Well Ma’am I for sure and sartin’ always thought you were the sane one…

  7. Now I can be pretty sure that FFLEO and Elaine M. are not the same person. 🙂 They just sometimes think alike. 🙂

  8. “On December 28, 1953, Chicago area kids were introduced to the whimsical story of Suzy Snowflake “tap, tap, tappin'” on every windowpane, seen on “Garfield Goose and Friends” then on WBBM-TV.

    I think this wuz even a’fore ‘Fesser T’s time in Chikago. I am postin’ this video for them po’ boys (or I guess nowadays–girls) who aint’ got no little Snowflake for witch to cuddle durin’ the snowpockslips.

  9. FF LEO–

    Do you Remember “Suzy Snowflake” from the 1950s?


  10. Best ‘member that old adage: Theys’ a silver cloud in ever

    This is a good time to *cuddle up* with that sweet little Snowflake of yourn.

    Hey, hey, hey Snowflake, Snowflake, my pretty little Snowflake
    hooh, hooh , hooh the change in the weather has make it *better for me…

    You got me warm as a farr with a burnin’ desarr fur you…

  11. Hate to be a downer when you guys aren’t done with this one yet but round two looks to be Wed-Thur. Couple of variables in the GFS vs CMC computer models. One thing for sure, the system just entering California is going to dump lots more on you once it gets here.

    Forecast valid 2-6-2010 Click GFS then mouse over the hour marks. Do the same for CMC and you’ll see the difference between the two models. GFS has had a better track record the last couple of months.

  12. Lotta K,

    That is good. I am pleased that I could be of service and not just annoy.

  13. 30%er:

    do you have any 2×4’s of 2×6’s lying around?
    if so you can make some temporary bracing.

  14. 30%’er:

    Damn it man, batten down those hatches. Get out of there. I can’t argue with a man under forty eight inches of snow — too much advantage for you. Surely some safer shelter exists, if only at the local church or school.

  15. So this is what cabin fever looks like in blog form.

    mespo, as ever you are not lacking for crafty skills.

  16. AY, The name match function is very helpful to someone that can hum a song but just can’t remember names for ++++. I was looking for a song which turned out to be “Seven Bridges Road” by the Eagles because for some reason the melody (or absence thereof) was clanking around in my mind. I knew it had to do with a bridge so I typed in ‘bridge’ and there it was along with a host of others that had bridge and its variants in the name as well as various artists with bridge in their name! It turned up a nice play list based on the song I chose. It’s easier to use than U Tube or Google for most of my ‘WHAT is that song?’ hunts.

    I keep it on my desktop as a ‘search’ feature primarily because when I want to hear a song I want to hear it immediately. I’m kind of an ‘instant gratification’ music listener.

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