Not So Sharpie: New York Police Arrest Lime-Green Marker Menace

The New York authorities have finally caught up to Alexa Gonzalez, who saw her open life of crime end with an arrest in her junior high school in Queens. Gonzalez was caught doodling on her desk with erasable marker and promptly cuffed and taken downtown.

The 12-year-old was waiting for her Spanish teacher to pass out homework when she turned felon. She wrote “I love my friends Abby and Faith” and “Lex was here. 2/1/10.” As if to highlight her criminal lifestyle, she add a smiley face. To make matters worst, it was written in erasable Iime-green marker. Most of us who grew up in the 70s came to despise lime-green as a color that should have been legislatively banned after it appeared on appliances across the country.

Yet, the marker lobby is flexing its muscle and protecting its own. City Education Department spokesman David Cantor issued a statement that “We’re looking at the facts. Based on what we’ve seen so far, this shouldn’t have happened.”

While authorities are expressing regret, there is no mention of who called police and whether the principal supported such a call.

There is also no mention of Abbey and Faith and whether they are truly as lovable as Alexa says.

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24 thoughts on “Not So Sharpie: New York Police Arrest Lime-Green Marker Menace”

  1. Are there a dearth of criminals in New York that they need to resort to arresting teenagers who doodle on their desk? Damn!

  2. This is outrageous!

    However, I would be for the death penalty if Missy Alexa had used chartreuse.

  3. Rarely do we see a case where all the actors in authority demonstrate their unfitness for their jobs.

    1. The teacher for overreacting.
    2. The principal for taking it seriously and calling the police.
    3. The police for handcuffing a 12 year old child for the
    possible crime of defacement.
    4. The Family Court Judge for actually handing down a sentence when
    the case should have been dismissed.

    All of these parties actions call into question their fitness for their jobs and also indicate the scary times we liven in.

  4. And the artist is a lawyer too!

    So when is the Superbowl? Tomorrow? Here’s an amusing take on the game for all the film fans on the blawg

  5. LottaK,

    The first one was great. The furniture looked real. I like what they were able to do to make the pinball look so real.

    The second one, pisses me off so.

  6. This is what someone with a steady hand and a fertile imagination can do with a magic marker; black, not green, for all the color purists:


    Our schools have been hi-jacked by crazy people apparently. Here’s another victim:

    “STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — A 9-year-old New Dorp boy learned there is no wiggle room in the Department of Education’s “no toy gun” policy — even if the toy gun is just two inches long.

    Patrick Timoney, a fourth-grader at PS 52, South Beach, was nearly suspended yesterday after playing with LEGOs during his lunch period because one of the action figures was carrying a toy machine gun.”

  7. LOL….Time to call the authorities!!!!! Oh wait, I’m a responsible parent the markers that I bought are ERASABLE!!!

  8. Canadian Eh,

    Too late. Look under the bed rail right side. Hmm, I bet they did not think you’d find it did they.

  9. I am running upstairs right now to remove the lime green Sharpies from both of my kids school bags!!!!

  10. mespo,

    I find that song particularly moving and will gladly sit second chair in defense of a fine color. Now if it were yellow? Yellow is on it’s own.

  11. I stand in defense of lime green. Without it where would Kermit the Frog be, or Frank Sinatra for that matter? Worse yet try making a limeade without the color. Here’s a little ditty for all your pastel fascists out there:

  12. In the words of Ren Hoek, “Let me get this straight, man.”

    She was arrested for writing on a desk . . . in erasable marker.

    Did any of the genius “adults” here think to, oh, I don’t know, ASK HER TO ERASE IT?

    Gah! The kid had better sense than the adults here. My proof?


    She’s a polite and thoughtful tagger. And a real menace to society. Heaven forbid that Abbey and Faith are found out to be lovable. That could set off a gang war! Those smiley faces are nothing but trouble too.


  13. And to think we hand pen knifes growing up. Did we doodle in the desks with them. I recall, yep. They were one hard surface if I can remembers. This was before the 70′, so yes…..

    BTW it was Avocado Green/Olive Green and Harvest Gold. puking right now. But there is something about the harvest of the 70s that brings back some memory’s.

    I seem to recall the ugly copper tone stuff earlier. But then we always had the standard white to rely on.

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