6 thoughts on “Staying Snow Positive During the Snowpocalypse”

  1. I SEE THE WORDS COMING OUT IT IS “S” “N” “O” “W” “I” “N” “G.”

  2. That is one happy critter.

    Look at the bright side, Prof. With your Wii and snow construction/removal activities and keeping the Yeti out of the wine, you’ll soon be back in synchronized swimming shape. The summer games call to you through the wintery shroud. And let’s hope that igloo construction remains a “demonstration event” this winter games season.

  3. I wanna know if this is the igloo where the wine caste are to be stored?

  4. Gives new meaning to a “Washington Snowjob” …

    Reminds me of the past word agents of the White House, “Snowjob”.

    The one before him was “Snottie”, and the current one is “Fibbs”.

    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow …

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