T is For Torture: Soldier Allegedly Waterboards Four-Year-Old Daughter After She Fails To Recite Alphabet

Soldier Joshua Tabor is accused to using “enhanced interrogation” techniques perfected by the Bush Administration (aka torture) as a parenting skill with his four-year-old daughter. When she failed to recite the alphabet correctly, Tabor allegedly held her under water as a corrective measure.

News accounts are calling this waterboarding, but it is unclear if he used actual waterboarding techniques or simple submersion. Of course, both are vile forms of child abuse and the daughter has been safely removed from the home.

Tabor, 27, based in Lewis-McChord in Tacoma, Washington was arrested after walking around in a Kevlar military helmet and threatening to smash windows. When the police went to his home, his girlfriend reported the abuse and they found the girls covered in bruises. I would like to know why it took the police to appear at the door for the girlfriend to report child abuse.

Of course, while the Obama administration refuses to investigate (let alone prosecute) torture by high-ranking Bush officials, this soldier will be prosecuted. It appears that he only had to claim that he was doing it under orders and the girl was a suspect to get a pass on waterboarding. It would be nice to think that this soldier and Bush officials would be prosecuted for the use of torture –regardless of the twisted logic or excuse.

This story beats the baby gladiator fights as a parental tool, here.

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  2. Byron,

    So you’re just stringing me along?

    And the former East German judge gives that one ten dimensions?

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    Eucliddin’ me; right?

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  6. I think there is way too many cases of undiagnosed PTSD. I seem to recall a story from last year where the army told doctors to avoid such a diagnosis. Killing people isn’t something most human beings deal with very well. Unfortunately, the effects of this disorder present themselves during any kind of stress.

    I used to be pretty good friends with a former Navy SEAL. While in Vietnam he met and married a Vietnamese woman. One day while patrolling the river a confrontation took place that took the lives of 10 of his fellow SEALs and his wife. He saw it all.

    He was generally a pretty good guy. A very kind and gentle man. When shit hit the fan, this guy would lose it. I was one of the few that could calm him down.

  7. BIL,
    Wow, it’s quite different here actually, and also very dependant upon the crime. People who committ ” petty crimes ” and are diagnosed as mentally ill can opt for ” mental health court diversion ” rather than a criminal sentence. In this case the person is assigned a mental health professional who creates a
    ” treatment undertaking ” which, if approved by the Crown, they are obligated to obide by until the end of the ” sentence “,( sentence is carried out within the community ). If all goes well, and the person follows through with all of the orders in the undertaking they are discharged at ” sentence end ” without a criminal record.
    However, in crimes that have victims involved a defence of NCR, once confirmed by a psychiatrist can be a life long sentence. Once deemed NCR, a board is left the task of deciding whether one can or cannot be released back into society. Once and if that decision is made, the person is closely observed by trained professionals and under strict restrictions for an indefinate period.
    I’ve always said that if I ever ” lost it ” and did something terrible, I would take the criminal route rather than the psychiatric route for just that reason!

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