Dog-Eat-Dog: Westie Mugged in New York City

The snow, it seems, has turned New York into a dog-eat-dog struggle. Donna McPherson says that someone mugged her 10-year-old Westie outside of a supermarket — stealing Lexie’s green wool coat, with leather trim and belt.

McPherson, 42, is shocked, asking “how could anyone steal a coat off someone’s back in the freezing cold?”

She seems to assume it was a person rather than another dog. Of the various breeds, I would look for a well-heeled American Rat Pinscher, Black Mouth Cur, Cretan Hound, Pariah Dog, Plott Hound, Shocker or Shockerd, and any retriever in the area.

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19 thoughts on “Dog-Eat-Dog: Westie Mugged in New York City”

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  2. This is off topic,but all this snow has me longing for the spring time,and the yard work that comes with it.

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  8. Well if you walk the dog it is generally not a problem. If you have Tommy Smothers walk the dog, you still have no problem. The problem starts when someone else wok your dog. Whats for dinner?

  9. It was probably a cat from the lower east side. She’s lucky they didn’t steal the dog.

    When I was a kid one of my older brother’sfriend used to drive around with his Doberman in the car and would leave the windows down, of course, when he went into stores, freinds houses, etc. Always boasting he had a fool proof theft deterrent with his dog, surely no one would dare take anything from his car with a Doberman inside. Then one day he cameback to his car and found someone had stolen his dog. Dogs are the valuables you need to protect why would you leave them outside unattended. Especially in New York!

  10. I can see the headline now.

    Merril-Lynch CEO John Thain In Hospital: Strangled by Ill-fitting Coat of Dubious Origin

  11. And after years of counseling the dog decided that NY was not the proper place to be tied up outside of a store while the master went inside where it was warm, tore though the city terrorizing other dogs regardless of size and was finally taken to the farm that the master had bought.

    Ok, now, she bought 2 coats to make up for the one that was stolen. Did she like ask the dog if it minded being dressed up in these silly things?

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