“CHIIE” Coins Become Instant Collectors’ Item — And National Embarrassment

It is a numismatists’ dream come true. The Chilean mint has issued thousands of 50-peso coins with Chile misspelled as C-H-I-I-E instead of C-H-I-L-E. The manager of the Chilean mint has been dismissed.

While worth only about ten cents in face value, these coins are already valuable collectors’ items worth far more.

The mint has been hit with a series of blunders recently including selling valuable coins to collectors against standing policies.

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15 thoughts on ““CHIIE” Coins Become Instant Collectors’ Item — And National Embarrassment”

  1. LOL i used this for my school project on chile my dad collects coins and saw this and you should’ve seen his FACE!!!!
    But seriously…. HOW DO YOU MISSPELL CHILE AS CHIIE?!?!

    dats all folkz.

  2. Jajajaja

    .. and i have one of this. Its very hilarious the mistaked coin.
    I think on the day i want to sell it —

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  4. I found a 1955 “double die” penny as a kid, but was glad it still worked when I used it for some gum.

    Found out about 10 yrs later it was worth its weight in gold.

  5. What hasn’t been widely circulated is that the mint manager was also fired from his other job as a publicist for restaurant chain Chili’s.

    Stay in school, childrens!

    Proper spelling could save your job some day.

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