Heal Thyself: Doctor Sent to School After Swearing At Obese Patient

A surgeon in New Zealand has received a formal reprimand for using bad language in telling a severely obese patient to change her lifestyle. I wonder what the doctor in New Zealand said (in today’s story) after the teenager stole his puppy back to keep him from being euthanized, here. Hopefully, it was something like “Oh fiddlesticks, now I will never be paid.”

The doctor admits that he used the F-bomb in telling the patient to exercise and diet. When the 44-year-old obese woman told him she did not like the word “diet” and preferred the term “lifestyle,” he reportedly responded that she needs to go “on a f…ing diet.” She filed a complaint and the New Zealand Health and Disability Commissioner has asked that the doctor attend a bloody communication skills course.

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30 thoughts on “Heal Thyself: Doctor Sent to School After Swearing At Obese Patient”

  1. Jericho,
    I would never shoot down free speech, and that is not what this is about. It’s called professioanlism, and the fact that one of the duties of a Dr. is to promote health education to their patients.
    A diet alone does not produce sustained weight loss, period! If the same Dr. had a patient with cancer would ” don’t ever smoke ” suffice as treatment? I think no. Referrals would be sent to specialists in the field and a treatment plan would be developed, explained to the patient, and then started with patient approval.
    Patients deserve the same respect and compassion in all medical matters.

  2. It is called FREEDOM OF SPEECH and they’re ruining it for all of us….

    There’s no bad language, we are ADULTS, these are the words we use to express anger, frustration… deal with them.

    If you annoy the doctor, he might tell you to go on a fucking diet,…. suck it up.

  3. Read this and thought about this:

    Thought for Today: “Human beings are the only creatures who are able to behave irrationally in the name of reason.” — Ashley Montagu, English anthropologist (1905-1999).

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  5. AY The tofu I eat is mainly Asian. Try Thai fried tofu with a sweet chili sauce.

  6. see there are some mystery meats that we will eat. Just something about tofu sausage that curds my stomach.

  7. Never, never ever. Tried it once and it did not look too good on the wall. That is where it ended up.

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