Heal Thyself: Doctor Sent to School After Swearing At Obese Patient

A surgeon in New Zealand has received a formal reprimand for using bad language in telling a severely obese patient to change her lifestyle. I wonder what the doctor in New Zealand said (in today’s story) after the teenager stole his puppy back to keep him from being euthanized, here. Hopefully, it was something like “Oh fiddlesticks, now I will never be paid.”

The doctor admits that he used the F-bomb in telling the patient to exercise and diet. When the 44-year-old obese woman told him she did not like the word “diet” and preferred the term “lifestyle,” he reportedly responded that she needs to go “on a f…ing diet.” She filed a complaint and the New Zealand Health and Disability Commissioner has asked that the doctor attend a bloody communication skills course.

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  1. That was not a problem for me, the only time I ever liked fast food was back in the teenage years after a night out drinking!!

  2. Canadian Eh,

    There are somethings in life that I am still insatiable about. Incorrigible, not so much any more, but I am sure some may disagree…..

  3. Swartmore mom,

    NO YOGURT, NO SOY has ever passed these lips that I was aware of. I drank Bock Beer and never had much need for the lite anything. I can understand about the calories. But, one thing I did well was give up fast food.

  4. Swarthmore mom….
    That sounds yummy….I don’t think we have it here. I have to admit I do check out the ice cream freezer at the local grocery store and check the nutritional counts to see if anything passes the grade. If I have a real craving for the frozen goodness, I lean towards the sugar free varieties here. Oddly enough, one does get accustomed to the minimal flavour difference!!

  5. You will laugh at me. I was just eating chocolate frozen soy ice cream. I have to live up to my stereotype. I only eat ice cream when I am on vacation. The Korean low cal yogurt that is popular now is good especially pinkberry . I can’t afford the calories of regular icecream.

  6. Funny I have also heard the terms incorrigible as well as insatiable used to describe me in my lifetime, although not necessarily in relation to food! Yes, we had the same frame of thinking while growing up….funny I was a normal weight then…lol!

  7. Well thank you. Swartmore mom. I’ll pay you later.

    Isn’t Ice Cream another food group?

  8. Over indulgence is good for the soul. When I was growing up it was “He who get’s F^*&^)^ed up the most” had the best time. Strange I don’t recall a whole lot. But that is another chapter all by itself or it could be a whole book entitled: Don’t leave your youngest son home alone.

    Moderation has never been a word that I was aware of. One time someone stated to me that I was incorrigible. I had to look it up, lol. Truth it is, was maybe still is….

  9. lol….so not fair!!!! Ice cream is good food indeed, I am still known to give in on occasion to a small chocolate peanutbutter serving at the local ice cream shop. I have just learned that I need to stop at the single scoop…lol

  10. No longer 118 but about 175 and still 5′ 9.5. Yes, is the answer. I am an ice cream gourmet at the present and Blue Bell has for the month rotational flavor Cherry Cheese cake. It took me 3 nights to finish off 1/ gallon. One of the standard in stock for them is Banana Split. It is an orgasm in every bite. Oh yeah. I have been known to eat a pint in about 15 minutes and not flinch.

  11. Hi Ay, how are you today? 5’10 and 118 #’s…are you one of those evil men who can eat an entire cheesecake all by himself and not put on an oz? grrrr!

  12. Canadian Eh,

    As someone who was made an example of as a child, on more than one occasion because of weight I can I was and understand what you are saying. I was in 9th grade 5′ tall and 185 pounds. I lost mine because of different interest and when I graduated I was 5′ 9.5 ” and weighed 118 pounds. Mine dropped off naturally and its another subject altogether.

  13. With all due respect gentlemen, unless you’ve fought the fight, you shouldn’t protest to know what you’re talking about. There is a whole lot more to fighting the battle of the bulge than choosing salad over skittles! A proper diet and excercize plan goes without saying those are the obvious changes that one needs to make. What you’re missing here are 2 very important factors, bio-chemical make-up and cognitive changes.
    I’m not a believer in weight loss surgeries without nutritional & behavioural counselling, psychotherapy, and a good fitness trainer. Without those supports in place, a person is losing weight simply based on starvation, they are not learning how to eat healthfully, excercize properly or consistently, change destructive ” feel good ” behaviour patterns, or how to cope effectively with lifes’ challenges. Quite frankly with the supports available, surgeries would likely be an unnessary evil.
    If you’re wondering….yes I have fought the battle both unsuccessfully and now successfully for most of my adult life. I have been on every diet imaginable, and some that I’ve created all by myself. It wasn’t until I sucked up my pride ( at the suggestion of one very dear to me ) and sought out a psychotherapist ( who helped me learn how to deal with some not so favourable aspects of my life ), adopted a healthy way of eating ( not a fad ” diet “), and joined a gym ( where I spend 1 hour a night 5 mights a week busting my butt under the guidance of a liscensed Kinesiologist )that I have seen results. Not to pat my own back ( well maybe a little bit ) but I have managed to shed 78 pounds within the past 6 months.
    In relation to the story, I am fortunate to have a doctor ( GP ) who is very supportive and always has been. Never once has her response to my weight concerns been ” go on a f’ng diet “. The doc in the article needs training to have a better understanding of the challenges that people have with regards to weight loss. I certainly hope he takes the education to heart. Otherwise maybe he should consider a career in research rather than treatment!

  14. A. Yours, I have seen too many women in this situation. They spend their hard-earned cash on fitness programs for *years* and do not lose the weight. Being unique genome expressions thrust upon an unforgiving environment, people in this position cannot be treated with any one miracle diet or exercise routine.

    “Lifestyle change” is too weak a statement relative to the gargantuan task that must be undertaken, which is to take complete and final responsibility for one’s occupation of one’s alloted cubic volume of the Universe. To those accustomed to scheduling time for baseless complaints and blaming others for their problems, the task is typically beyond reach.

    Ultimately, it’s a battle of wills, internal ones, and this patient is free to blame the doctor all she wants. But when the bags of groceries get set down, they are not in his kitchen.

  15. Buddha,

    I guess I should have added a 🙂 to my comment. The comment was intended to be humorous.

  16. Homophobic much, duh?

    Words have power. For some, weight loss is a struggle and they may have suffered many failed diets. When that happens the word itself takes on the connotation of deprivation with no results. What those patients actually require IS a lifestyle change – a basic change in worldview and the way they both select their diets and in how they exercise as well. If calling that a lifestyle change helps the patient achieve her goals of better health, then that’s the good medicine.

  17. So the Dr sworn at her. She did not like what he had to say. He terminated the Dr./Patient relationship after she complained. He get dressed down for swearing at her. Seems to me if she really wanted his services she would have maybe took what he said in.

    I was not there. However, my sister has had 2 weight reduction surgery’s. I am lucky that I don’t have to worry about this issue. However, it is disheartening that after nearly 2 years she has not lost any weight. I do not know if it was because she preferred the term life style or diet, what I do know if it was a choice between skittles, chocolate chip cookies or a steak and salad. Her choice was the former. Call it what you want but she has not lost any weight.

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