U.S. Curling Association Raises Money With “Hurry Hard” Condoms

With the start of the Winter Olympics, one new accessory is being marketed by Kodiak Technology Group CEO Daniel Field to raise money for both the U.S. Curling Association and Monterey County AIDS Prevention. Now you can buy “Hurry Hard” condoms — named after the encouraging call of curling teams to sweep faster. Even more remarkable is a story revealing that 100,000 condoms have been supplied to athletes at the 2010 games — under any standard that would be an Olympic performance.

As we saw with the last inauguration, here. as part of the ultimate stimulus package, condoms have become the rage as a way of participating in historic moments.

Curlers have not been previously associated in such passion, but they have long argued that they can sweep you off your feet.

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5 thoughts on “U.S. Curling Association Raises Money With “Hurry Hard” Condoms”

  1. The little green character is “Spoogie”, the slippery little sperm.

    He sneaks past the most secure condoms, but not the Hurry Hard.

    Not even Spoogie can get past a Hurry Hard.

  2. Dis wss from behind de couches. amon were hear 2. How duhes one go bout dis? I’s gotz 2 mannie kidz.

  3. Hurry Hard, at this juncture in life. I don’t risk the rush. Maybe the appropriate ad should have been, Curler’s Corner. We don’t try and make buck’s.

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