Daily Mail: Israeli Agents Says Britain Knew of Use of British Passports in Dubai Hit

The Daily Mail has run with an explosive story after public protestations from British officials over the use of false British passports (and reportedly stolen identities) for the hit on Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai (here). The question now is whether Parliament has the courage to order an investigation in whether the British government not only acquiesced to the operation but then actively misled the public by pretending to be outraged.

The agent says that MI6 was told in advance that Israel would use the passport for an “overseas operation” — an operation that was to be a hit.

The story would certainly seem to fit with the idea that Israel would not risk violating long-standing intelligence relationships with such a move. However, if it is true, the government has engaged in an intentional and planned effort to lie to both the British people and the Parliament in feigning ignorance. This could mean a scandal as great for the Brown administration as for Israel itself.

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6 thoughts on “Daily Mail: Israeli Agents Says Britain Knew of Use of British Passports in Dubai Hit”

  1. mm yes
    consider the source. The Daily Mail is a very poorly run paper and has screwed up on so many stories in the past that I’ll wait to see what really happened.
    As for inquiries at least the Brits are looking into criminal activities regarding the starting of the gulf war pt2.
    When will you guys do likewise?

  2. And Mossad! Come on! You guys used to be the gold standard in kind of wet work! It’s like you’re phoning it in, boys and girls. I’m very disappointed.


    But disappointed.

  3. Documents? They can’t even detect a bomb!


    But selling a bunch of the useless junk sure will help the bottom line to Mr. Cherhoff’s clients.


    That MC Mikey C for you! He’s such a rascal!

    And I owe an apology to rascals everywhere. The word I was looking for was “weasel”.

  4. Not to mention the lies perpetrated on sovereign nations that receive and accept the passport of British citizens when they enter their country. Can they be trusted not to be assassins?

    PS. Do body scanners pick-up officially forged documents? 😉

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