Palin: Tea Party Members Must Pick Between The Two Major Parties

If you wanted further evidence of the self-perpetuating work of the duopoly, Sarah Palin (after wooing the Tea Party) has told Tea Party members that they have no choice but to side with one of the two major political parties — presumably the Republicans.

In a prior column, I described how the two parties offer voters the same limited choice of change as Henry Ford’s offer to customers: you can have any color car as long as it is black. Palin voices the same monopoly on power as a fact in speaking to her supporters: “Now the smart thing will be for independents who are such a part of this Tea Party movement to, I guess, kind of start picking a party,. Which party reflects how that smaller, smarter government steps to be taken? Which party will best fit you? And then because the Tea Party movement is not a party, and we have a two-party system, they’re going to have to pick a party and run one or the other: ‘R’ or ‘D’.”

This is further evidence of how calcified and corrupted our system has become. Anyone unhappy with the current political system is told that “change” can go no further than switching between R and D. Until we break the hold of the two parties and incumbents, we will continue this mindless downward spiral in our system.

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  1. “They are acting like a battered wife who can’t or won’t leave her abusive spouse. Without the debt issue, they’re just a collection of right wing nut cases from the lunatic fringe.”

    Apt analogy there, rc. Well said.

  2. I stand by what I said. No apologies. Only a batch of supreme idiots would be protesting about taxes when they just got a tax cut. Here’s a good barometer of just how lame the teabaggers are: Just how dumb must one be to protest government spending and then align oneself with the party that ran up the vast majority of the debt you’re protesting by borrowing and spending more of the government’s money than any other political party in history?

    Not only did the GOP irresponsibly run up the debt and the interest payments required to repay it, they rescinded pay-as-you-go to do it. Recently, with the teabaggers’ rants about deficts still ringing in their little ears, the GOP voted lockstep AGAINST reinstituting deficit controlling pay-as-you-go. And yet the teabaggers will identify with the GOP. If they want debt and deficit reduction they should align with the Dems. Not doing so indicates utter insincerity on the issue of debt.

    And what’s the GOP going to do for the teabaggers? More tax cuts? If so, for whom? That, of course, raises the debt even further. Then what will the teabaggers do? The teabaggers have already lost on their own biggest issue. They are acting like a battered wife who can’t or won’t leave her abusive spouse. Without the debt issue, they’re just a collection of right wing nut cases from the lunatic fringe.

  3. By their words you shall know them….

    Those who want to push the Tea Partiers (party, not bag) to a 3rd party system are the enemy. If Sara says no 3rd party she is a friend. Because she’s right.

    The dem’s will do anything possible to KEEP the Independents from putting support behind the Republicans. So Independents slaming Republicans may not be so independent but just dem’s in sheeps clothing.

    As independents we control most elections by picking the candidate we disagree with the least. Independent means just that, independent thinkers, who are not herd followers, blindly loyal.

    Independents are not ment to be a party because by definition we don’t like parties… that’s why we call ourselves independent… DUH…

    Anyone spouting violance, racism, and hatred, is not one of “us”. We consider them spoilers and shun them. The guy in the plane was insane.. period. Worse he was a terrorist, who are all insane.

    Stay strong, be wise, remain independent, and speak out. Letters, e-mails to politicians and papers. Just yell… warn them you have your voting booth finger limbered up. That is the only fear that needs to be instilled.. fear the vote of the people any who would destroy America.

  4. Jonathan,
    I am glad to see that you get it. The elitism is very frustrating. I was watching the NBC news the other night with Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles having been appointed to a deficit panel by Pres. Obama. Simpson says, “We’re not doing this for ourselves, we’re doing this for our grandchildren.” No comment from the interviewer, Brian Williams, just lets Simpson pat himself on the back. How about asking what kind of inheritance those Simpson/Bowles grandchildren are getting? They’re probably already millionaires. Cutting Medicare and Social Security will be fine with the Simpson/Bowles grandchildren.

    Also glad to see Ron Paul win that straw poll by a wide margin. I am giving up on Obama and I had supported him from the day he announced in February 2007. I am disgusted that he couldn’t even get done a reform of health insurance pre-existing condition exclusion.

    Ron Paul’s message is anti-foreign intervention and the American media tries to obfuscate that. I agree with Ron Paul. We should get out of Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Germany, Japan, Korea, England and everywhere else and stop arming Israel so that they can commit war crimes. If the American people had a real say, they would want out of all these foreign entanglements, many of which are causing people to hate us.

  5. In regards to the 2000 election, the short answer is this:
    the reality [and you can know this for yourself if you see is that
    gore threw the race in ‘00 at least 3 times:
    1.] when, at the beginning of his campaign, he and lieberman stopped trying to say things that the people wanted to hear because their corporate paymasters yanked their leash [see “crashing the party” by ralph nader]
    2.] gore now ADMITS that he didn’t try hard enough to contest the voting irregularities
    3.] if you see michael moore’s FAHRENHEIT 9/11, you can see with your own eyes Al Gore shouting down the congressional black caucus’ attempt to question the voting irregularities on a ‘point of order’ which is like saying that, if i mug you, you can’t yell for help if we are in a ‘quiet hospital zone’.
    Besides, there were a total of six third party candidates, all of whom got more than the # of votes that gore ‘lost’ by, so why blame nader?
    the dems [or the car companies for that matter] blaming nader for their losses is like a hooker blaming their v.d. on mother theresa…!

    I mean, the democrats wanted the biggest job in the world and blamed their mistakes and losses on the man who gave us the EPA, OSHA, the freedom of information act, and so much more? it’s just baloney…

  6. Duh: “The Tea Party Movement has stayed clear of the Birther issue. In fact, Joseph Farah took a lot of heat for even bringing it up when he was an invited speaker”

    who gave him heat? I heard cheering and laughing when he made birth certificate statements and jokes

    Tootie: “I dislike your “hate-motivated” (your words) statements about “teabaggers”

    maybe rcampbell is going by this Fox poll

  7. Tootie, you do know that teabaggers coined the term for themselves, right?

    Get a clue, already.

  8. What I am wondering is why Ms. Palin is not at the CPAC convention. Was she not invited? Did she refuse to speak without the ususal $100,000 fee? If she refused to appear, why is she on their straw poll list? Will she make a “surprise” appearance (and will Glen Beck introduce her ala L. Cheney)?

    Am I missing something – again?

  9. rcampbell:

    I dislike your “hate-motivated” (your words) statements about “teabaggers) (your obscene term). And I request that you cease and desist.

    Thank you for your kind attention.

  10. This discussion has gone far afield.

    JT criticized Palin for rejecting the Tea baggers as a third party, and telling them to support Republicans.

    Well, Speaker John McCormack once told a young Congressman that you don’t have to be smart in politics if you can count. Palin is a politician and can count. She knows that a third Tea Party would sink the Republicans if it succeeded. She is right.

    And what is so special about multiple parties, anyway? Look at the parliamentary systems with big coalitions. The tails wag the dogs.

    The Netherlands Government just lost a coalition partner and may fall. In some systems, tiny sliver parties blackmail the ruling coalition into adopting minority policies that the vast majority oppose.

    I have been following this issue for a long time, and I have yet to see a good idea for a third party movement.

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