Dog Walker: Maryland Man Arrested for Dognapping Scooby and Scrappy

According to Montgomery County Police, Najie Walker, 21, is the worst kidnapper in the world. Walker is accused of kidnapping a poodle named Scrappy and a golden retriever named Scooby and then holding them for ransom.

He contacted the owner, Gloria Chicas, in Silver Springs to demand $300. Before he appeared for the drop, however, Scooby broke loose and was hit in traffic.

He then arranged for a drop at what appears the favorite spot for all hardworking dognappers: TGI Fridays. When he failed to show up, he kept calling and then arranged a drop at a McDonalds. He fled upon seeing the cops but was found hiding in a restroom of a nearby business.

He is facing a theft charge. Unfortunately, pets are still considered mere chattel or property — often resulting in charges that are lowered than what such conduct demands. With the death of Scooby, one would expect an animal cruelty or other charge to be added.

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8 thoughts on “Dog Walker: Maryland Man Arrested for Dognapping Scooby and Scrappy”

  1. In NJ theft requires that he have an intent to “permanently deprive the owner” of the property. It doesn’t appear that he had that intent. So, while I agree that this offense should be more serious than a mere theft, it may not even be a theft.

  2. lucky for him that Scooby wasnt an assist dog, someone told me that they are treated as people if they are dog napped.

  3. How could anyone take anything from that sweet little girl in the photo? Make that tossing book a big one.

  4. 300 Dollars? That’s all. Steel my dog and you might pay me to take it back.

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