Bloggers: Start Your Week With Care

Warning: how you begin this week could dictate how you end it. French skier Marion Rolland secured a tragic but memorable moment in history this week by crashing after only five seconds in the downhill competition. That is why the blog wants to be sure that all of our bloggers start out right. Remember the steps: wake, sign on to blog, brush, review blog, shower, add at least one comment on blog, eat, have rigorous exchange on blog . . .

Rolland is no Eddy the Eagle. She was viewed as a medal prospect –ranked seventh in the World Cup downhill rankings and fifth in last year’s World Championship.

For the full story, click here.

10 thoughts on “Bloggers: Start Your Week With Care”

  1. On topic: Man, I have so totally done what that French skier did, several times. (That said, I am not anything like an Olympic/World Cup level skier…)

    Off Topic – from the link above:

    “One particularly angry blogger, Warner Todd Huston, wrote, “So, there you have it, America. Tea Party protesters just ‘hate the government,’ they are racists, they are all white folks, they are angry, and they associate with secretive white supremacist groups that want to over throw the U.S. government.””

    Bwhahahahahahahah!!! I don’t know about the last point, but Mr. Huston might want to re-think that statement if he thinks it will garner any sympathy outside of the Tea Partiers themselves.

  2. Byron, thank you kind sir. It’s actually Captain Americas shield. Marvel comics got into a dispute (with the Teabaggers) over a couple of panels in a Captain America comic-book. I’m in solidarity with Marvel. At one time I did look for an easily recognizable image associated with WW that I could work into a nice Gavatar but didn’t find anything suitable. I’m thinking of working on some mood or subject-specific Gavatars. Yea, my life is that dull, when it’s not being completely crazy through no fault of my own. 🙂

  3. Lottakatz:

    new avatar a Wonder Woman shield? If so very appropriate based on your posts.

  4. “review blog, shower, add at least one comment on blog, eat, have rigorous exchange on blog ”

    In that the Professor didn’t say ‘stay on topic’ I submit this diversion:

    It is an interactive, scale model of the universe based on size from the smallest to the largest; takes about 20 secs to load then click ‘play’ when ‘play’ appears. It puts you at a fairly recognizable point on the ‘size line’ and you can go in either direction or start anywhere else you like. It’s an impressive, entertaining diversion. It’s great virtue is you will not publicly humiliate yourself or break several (if not all) bones in your body if you mess up.

  5. And for the record I had to Google Vinko Bogataj. I had been up this point perfectly content to think of him by his customary name, “Ow! That poor bastard.”

    That being said, I must echo the Prof’s sound advice of safety first.

  6. As one who grew up watching Vinko Bogataj smear himself all over the bottom of a ramp to herald in ABC’s Wide World of Sports, I would have to say Ms. Rolland got off easy. That looked less like a wipeout and more like an attack of narcolepsy. Aye, there was defeat, but gravity seems to like her.

    So she’s got that going for her.

    Which is nice.

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